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May love find all those who yearn for it, blossom in those who are lucky enough just to have found it, and continue to grow in those who have been able to hold onto it. Allow your heart to receive love so that you too can give love. Celebrate the spirit of love.
Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone!


A consensual kiss between two folks that results in a free burrito seems like a good deal.


My Poem of the Day


Will They Respect Me?©

I have a hunger for respect of those

Both beside me and behind me

As they try to climb above me

I’ve worked so hard for so long

To come out from this hold

I’ve given everything I have to give

All my time

All my faith

And even all my loyalty

Nothings proven to be more important as the

Day grows short and the nights stay long

While my family and friends

Bide for some of my love and affection

I beg for their forgiveness and tell them that

Time has not been on my side

I remind them that they’ve always said that

Patience is a virtue

Thou I know that

This is not what they want to hear

Because they can’t seem to

Nor do they want to

Practice as they preach

I tell them though of how things will come to be

Once my work is done

And that they along with the others

Will have nothing but

Respect for me

As I find my rightful place at the head

Of this big great game

Called Life

So while we wait

I hope that they will ALL have the strength to

Respect me

For time is all I need as

Long as they’re beside me

Copyright 2015

Will They Respect Me?©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

Seth with his Uncle Kurt in Burlington VT. Happy as can be.


A Peaceful Moment©

A peaceful moment between two men

A time where what they cannot be repeated

In this place known as the men’s den

No chores are waiting

No clock is ticking

Every moment is precious

Better than that

Every moment is peaceful

So please take notice

Do not enter uninvited

For you will be disrupting

The peaceful moment of said men

Copyright 2015

A Peaceful Moment©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

felina blisffully happy


Blissfully Happy©

There is no Rose with its petals soft and bright

Nor a jewel with its glistening glow

That could make me as blissfully happy

As the company that I keep

They make me smile cheek to cheek

I can sincerely laugh at their jokes

We can talk about anything or everything for hours

There’s no prompting

No silence

No boredom

The sun is often absent

But we would never notice

The rain may soak our clothes

The wind may pound against our face

But this changes absolutely nothing

For our happiness is found between the feelings that we share

They are simple

And they are pure

But most of all they are honest

This is why

I cry when they leave

But I must say that I remain blissfully happy

Till such time we meet again

Copyright 2015

Blissfully Happy©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The Waning Dream©

My salted tears fall like pedals from a dying rose

My tears race towards the keys of my computer

Halting the words that I would send forth to you

Glad for the brief break as I  struggle for

What words to share

I’m certain you don’t want to know

Of recent events to-date

So I choose to tell of my

Waning dreams to become an artist

The kind who sells pictures that tell a story

That no one would ever believe

But must have a part of

And are willing to pay but a pretty price

That is my dream

Please don’t laugh

I’d surely lose my nerve

And end the dream that I’ve

Held so near and dear to my heart

It’s been said that the waning dream is the one to follow

For your heart gives it the most dedication

You’ll surely win big if your heart is truly in it to win it

Don’t hold on the waning dream

For it holds the key to everlasting happiness

Copyright 2014

The Waning Dream©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The Do-Over©

You’ve heard it all before

You’ve seen it all before

You’ve done it all before

This time is different

Because this time

We will be giving you

The Do-over

It’s nothing like you’ve ever heard

It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen

And certainly nothing like you ever done before

This is our last chance to help you get things right

With your

New face

New sound

New look

and new direction

They won’t see you coming

They won’t know what hit them

They certainly won’t be able to stop coming

They’ll become addicted to all that you’ve become

So let’s get ready to roll

It’s time to take the do-over for a spin!

Copyright 2014

The Do-Over©

Felina Silver Robinson