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Happy Thanksgiving©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


I woke up this morning with lots on my plate

But I wasn’t threatened because I knew the reward was the gift of time with those I loved

Those at home were good and helpful

Doing what needed to be done

Then my first of two daughters that had yet to arrive opened the door accompanied by her boyfriend

She went off to the kitchen to do her work

Time for calls and posting to all the others that can’t be with us

Waiting still yet for the arrival of another daughter

Grateful that upon her arrival most of those I love

Will be right there by my side

This is all I need on this day of thanks

Now back to my baking, my cooking

And my time with

Friends and family


To those who know and love me

Know that  my heart is with all of you and I wish you a year of happiness and success

I’m thankful to have you all in my life

I’m thankful for the food that will be upon my table

I’m grateful for my happiness and my freedom

Enjoy each moment of your celebration and give thanks to those deserving

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