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Young Native Americans celebrating their culture

Sage Honda, a 22-year-old from Peach Springs, Arizona, wears a handmade dress at the Grand Canyon, a sacred site of the Hualapai people. Since appearing in Miss Native American USA, she has been encouraging Native youth to travel off the reservation to explore more opportunities. "I want to be a role model to show my community and youth that it is possible to come off our land and do big things," she said in the "Red Road" photo series.

At least 12 dead in Carnival parade accident in Haiti

Check Out Everyone Appearing!

SNL 40th Anniversary Special, Betty White, Bradley Cooper, Kerry Washington, Eddie Murphy, Justin Timberlake

May love find all those who yearn for it, blossom in those who are lucky enough just to have found it, and continue to grow in those who have been able to hold onto it. Allow your heart to receive love so that you too can give love. Celebrate the spirit of love.
Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone!


A consensual kiss between two folks that results in a free burrito seems like a good deal.


USA TODAY’s Kristin Musulin picks 10 love songs from top emerging artists. It’s our valentine to you.


Movies – Tom Selleck

1. Crossfire Trail (2001) Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, Wilford Brimley Western

2. Tom Selleck & Jesse Stone videos

3. High Road to China (1983) killcount

4. Three Men and a Baby 1987

5. Terminal Island (1973)

6. The Washington Affair (1977)

7. Count Three and Pray (1955)

8. Daughters of Satan (1972)

9. Folks!

10. Blue Bloods Videos

Music – James Jamerson

1. James Jamerson (Bass) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

2. James Jamerson & The Funk Brothers – Fever in the Funk House

3. James Jamerson – Marvin Gaye

4. James Jamerson

5. James Jamerson “Ain’t That Peculiar” isolated bass & drums

6. Crying in a Whisper feat. The Four Tops & James Jamerson Jr

7. Martha & The Vandella Live

8. Nice old Fender Precision Bass, James Jamerson mode, Jackie Wilson Sweetest Feeling

9. Bernadette (instrumental) James Jamerson

10. Hit the road Jack!