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Movies – Tom Selleck

1. Crossfire Trail (2001) Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, Wilford Brimley Western

2. Tom Selleck & Jesse Stone videos

3. High Road to China (1983) killcount

4. Three Men and a Baby 1987

5. Terminal Island (1973)

6. The Washington Affair (1977)

7. Count Three and Pray (1955)

8. Daughters of Satan (1972)

9. Folks!

10. Blue Bloods Videos

Music – James Jamerson

1. James Jamerson (Bass) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

2. James Jamerson & The Funk Brothers – Fever in the Funk House

3. James Jamerson – Marvin Gaye

4. James Jamerson

5. James Jamerson “Ain’t That Peculiar” isolated bass & drums

6. Crying in a Whisper feat. The Four Tops & James Jamerson Jr

7. Martha & The Vandella Live

8. Nice old Fender Precision Bass, James Jamerson mode, Jackie Wilson Sweetest Feeling

9. Bernadette (instrumental) James Jamerson

10. Hit the road Jack!

By Felina Silver Robinson

Today, 25 years ago, I was fortunate enough to give birth to my second child (Alicia). She is a beauty and I am more than proud to call her my own. She was born at 3:15 on super bowl Sunday in Laconia NH. She came with is on a cold winters day. I remember hearing women screaming from room to room not understanding why. My Alicia knocked when she was ready to come out gave a couple of kicks and I basically pushed her out with no screaming. It was a breeze. I was relieved and quite happy and proud all at once. 25 years of an amazing mind brewing, I can’t wait to see what she brings to share with us in the future. Happy Birthday my Alicia!

Mom T Seth Ali Mom ali jazzi ari and lea ali and mom .

Believe it or not overnight more snow fell and I spend yet another hour and 45 minutes outside shoveling. It was surprising to me that I didn’t even notice that, that much time had even gone by. Before I knew it, the milk man (Thatcher Farms at had made the days deliver. They are amazing, can’t believe they still made it in this weather. They are definitely a life saver and cheerful while being so. Our youngest, pictured below on the left in pink snow-pants and purple coat, along with her friend Josephine and Hannah not pictured helped her grandfather shoveling snow for the second day in a row and fit in some sledding as well. The girls are actually pictured standing on our bench that we had to bury in the snow while shoveling. They enjoyed every minute of the day. We had to bribe Lea home, she just wanted to savor every moment of the days as if she would wake and the snow would somehow be gone (there is no chance of that happening any time soon.


All around the day was a grand success with one more birthday celebration down. Next up are the twins (3/9) and then the youngest (3/30). It feels like there is always something celebrate. I would have to say that is true. Because each day that we live is a celebration in itself.

All is well in just another day in the life of ME!


“This Is the Greatest Moment I’ve Ever Had”

Steve Harvey

My Poem of the Day

Johnny with wife Doreen


Happy Birthday

My Dear Brother, Johnny©

When we were small

You were my partner

But as you grew

Your friends started to gather

You then became my protector and defender

When your friends weren’t looking

We were once again partners

Climbing beach walls

Building clubhouses from cardboard boxes


All kinds of Games like

Simple Simon Says

Red-rover, Red-rover

and Freeze Tag

Bust most of all

I loved watching Bruce Lee Movies

and practicing Karate with you

Even though I broke my foot and missed my own

High School graduation

Life was good and sometimes bad

But we were always taught to take the good with the bad

So now I sit here remembering the old days

While you watch over me and keep me in line

I know that some day in some way we will again be together

Partners in Crime

Copyright 2015

My Dear Brother, Johnny©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Will They Respect Me?©

I have a hunger for respect of those

Both beside me and behind me

As they try to climb above me

I’ve worked so hard for so long

To come out from this hold

I’ve given everything I have to give

All my time

All my faith

And even all my loyalty

Nothings proven to be more important as the

Day grows short and the nights stay long

While my family and friends

Bide for some of my love and affection

I beg for their forgiveness and tell them that

Time has not been on my side

I remind them that they’ve always said that

Patience is a virtue

Thou I know that

This is not what they want to hear

Because they can’t seem to

Nor do they want to

Practice as they preach

I tell them though of how things will come to be

Once my work is done

And that they along with the others

Will have nothing but

Respect for me

As I find my rightful place at the head

Of this big great game

Called Life

So while we wait

I hope that they will ALL have the strength to

Respect me

For time is all I need as

Long as they’re beside me

Copyright 2015

Will They Respect Me?©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

Seth with his Uncle Kurt in Burlington VT. Happy as can be.


A Peaceful Moment©

A peaceful moment between two men

A time where what they cannot be repeated

In this place known as the men’s den

No chores are waiting

No clock is ticking

Every moment is precious

Better than that

Every moment is peaceful

So please take notice

Do not enter uninvited

For you will be disrupting

The peaceful moment of said men

Copyright 2015

A Peaceful Moment©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

felina blisffully happy


Blissfully Happy©

There is no Rose with its petals soft and bright

Nor a jewel with its glistening glow

That could make me as blissfully happy

As the company that I keep

They make me smile cheek to cheek

I can sincerely laugh at their jokes

We can talk about anything or everything for hours

There’s no prompting

No silence

No boredom

The sun is often absent

But we would never notice

The rain may soak our clothes

The wind may pound against our face

But this changes absolutely nothing

For our happiness is found between the feelings that we share

They are simple

And they are pure

But most of all they are honest

This is why

I cry when they leave

But I must say that I remain blissfully happy

Till such time we meet again

Copyright 2015

Blissfully Happy©

Felina Silver Robinson