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Plus, Watch George Clooney Goof Off Behind the Scenes!

George Clooney, ER


Tyler Ritter is taking after his father, John Ritter, 30 years after Three’s Company

John Ritter, Tyler Ritter

1. Brookline Ranked One of Top 10 Communities in New England

Brookline came in at No. 4 on a list compiled by the real estate service Movoto.

Brookline Ranked One of Top 10 Communities in New England

2. Brookline / Coolidge Corner Farmers Market


3. Brookline Public Schools

4. Brookline High School is Ranked as the 16th Best Massachusetts High School

5. Our Amazing Brookline Police Officers Are Always Working Hard Even When They Are Out For Morning Coffee

Brookline Cop Out for Morning Coffee Catches Fugitive

Brookline Cop Out for Morning Coffee Catches Fugitive

6. Brookline is a cultured community.

Brookline offers you an amazing Brookline Poet Laureate – A Home for Poems

Brookline also offers quite a number of places to visit.  I share with you just a few of the many offerings:

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

The birthplace of John F. Kennedy

The Puppet Showplace Theatre

You may also want to check the Brookline Visitors Center

7. Most of our neighbors are warm and inviting

8. We have some of the best church-wide yard sales as well as community-wide yard sales.

9. We have great seasonal events as well as annual celebrations such as: Brookline DayAnnual Messiah Sing, Brookline’s First Light.  You can always find something to do.

10. There is a general feeling of safeness and security. Crime happens no matter where you live, but living in a place that keeps you safer and keeps you aware brings a welcome sense of comfort.  Thank you to our Brookline Police and Fire Departments for all that they do!

Wherever you live, you want to feel that there is something to appease as many of your interests as possible.  That’s what keeps a community together and wanting to raise their families, or just living their life the way they want to.

I hope you will come and enjoy the taste of Brookline.

Felina Silver Robinson

Halloween New England

Legendary Haunt Tour Salem MA Halloween New England

My Poem of the Day


Birthday Wishes©

74 years ago today

My mother was born

Of course I couldn’t have known her then

But I know her now

I know that had things been different

I might not be the person I now am today

So I thank you mother

On this special day

For bringing me here

To this place we both live

You have your pride


You stay true in all that you do

You are loved by many

Known by many

And remain

The envy of many

Your strength and determination

Has gotten you far

The love you hold onto

Has pulled you through trying times

You have much to show

For your years on this earth

I can certainly say

That I’m proud to be amongst your accomplishments

So as you celebrate today

Know that there are many of us

Out here thinking

Of all that we owe to having you in our lives

You’re not just a memory

You’re a piece of our minds as well as our hearts

We’ll never go on thinking

Without remembering

All that you’ve done

So keep on living this life of yours

So we can keep on building our memories

There’s nothing better than looking back

And seeing all that you’ve had

All that you were

And all that you still have yet to be

I happily light a birthday candle

That will shine brightly

Each day

Until next year on this same day

When once again

I get to say thank you

In my own way

But now I

Thank the lord for our family


Copyright 2014

Birthday Wishes©

Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is written for my mother who turned 74 years of age today.

I love you mom!

Brockton crash under investigation

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