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16 students, 2 adults taken to area hospitals

DOUGLAS, Mass. — Eighteen patients, including sixteen children, were taken to local hospitals and the Douglas Municipal Center was evacuated Monday morning after high carbon monoxide readings were reported in the building.

Seventy-seven students who attend a kindergarten housed in the building were taken to a nearby elementary school.

“Two of the students had a headache, two were nauseous, but mostly it was anxiety so it was important to check them and we continue to do that,” said Nancy Lane, Douglas school superintendent.

Two adults were also among those taken to area hospitals.  None of the injuries were reported to be serious.

A malfunctioning boiler caused the problems about 10:30 a.m. at the building on Depot Street, fire officials said.

“Until we know the furnace is fixed, they’ll stay out of the building,” said Douglas Police Chief Patrick Foley.

Emergency crews from Douglas and several other neighboring towns responded to the incident.