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My Poem Of The Day 


If Only I Could Fly© (written 04/02/1980)

I dream of flying high above the clouds

Seeing all that I can see

The stars that shine so bright at night

Would warm me as I travel

To where

I almost don’t care

As long as I’m feeling free

To shed those pieces of me

That carry the hurt from all those who judge me

It’s a pity I know

To have to go

So far away

Just to

Avoid you

There just doesn’t seem to be

Any other place that one of your friends don’t appear

And follow your orders to goad me

My hair

My skin

My walk

My talk

They all seem to annoy you

What makes you think you have the right to slay me

This is why I can’t sit by

Waiting for you to come for me


I wish that I could fly so high

And see you down below me

Just know that I would never

Do the things you do and make you feel like I do

All I want is my peace of mind

And for those I know to see me

See past your words

And past your scorn

To know that I’m actually quite alluring

Maybe, just maybe, you already know

And that’s why you choose to taunt me

So no one else will see

Anyone but you

By Felina Silver Robinson

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Britt McHenry, ESPN

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Derek Hough

You might not realize it, but you are my bully© by Felina Silver Robinson

You told me my ideas weren’t good enough
Then presented them as your own
You made me do all the dirty work that no one else would do
Then you to credit for doing it
When something was missing
You told everyone that it was probably me
When no one else would donate  to class events I gave the difference
You gave everyone else credit but me
When I carry I smile
You always turn it into a frown
Oh how I wish that you weren’t my bully

⇒                       ⇒                       ⇒

The Fear You Bring To Me© by Felina Silver Robinson

My eyes are filled with tears
So much so its blinding
My arms tingle
As they dangle loosely beside me
My ears are ringing
As your screams literally paralyze me
Me with fear
You taunt me with your threats
You wait until I cower
To ensure you’re in control
One day I’m going to find the strength
To see that you don’t get your way

⇒                       ⇒                       ⇒

I’ve got my own style© by Felina Silver Robinson

Sometimes bright
Sometimes groovy
Sometimes tightly
Sometimes loosely
Sometimes flats
Sometimes pumps
Sometimes simple
Sometimes Out there
Sometimes happily
Sometimes sadly
But every time
It’s all me
Just the way I Like it
And Fancy Free

Note to my new readers: About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind. This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

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My Poem of the Day


Me and My Bully

Even if you weren’t looking at me, I saw you
Even if you weren’t talking to me, I heard you
Even if you didn’t invite me, I really wanted to go
Even though you didn’t hear me, I was talking to you

You asked me why I’m always crying,
But I know you really don’t care
When I’m not looking, your laughing with your friends about me

At the beginning of the year I was happy and smiling
I was full of laughter
Walking around and hanging with my friends

Two months of knowing you
No one would dare to be my friend
I was destined to be alone
I was always alone
Except for when you and your friends would hurt me

Who are you? You’re my Bully!

Why do you hurt me?
Because you feel small inside
Because those you love have no time for you
They leave you out in the cold
Your friends just use you, because you’re rich
Because they know you are going places and someday, they might need you

Don’t you know, you’re just like me
You’re bullied too, so stop hurting me and maybe just maybe
We can just be friends

I wrote this for all the kids that I know that are now being or that have been bullied.
Stand up and take back your life.
Turn your bully into your friend,
Your bully is just as lonely as you are and maybe even lonelier.

I created the slide below to hopefully be used as an educational tool. I hope it helps.


Me and My Bully©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson, #FelinaSilver, #MyPoemOfTheDay