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by Felina Silver Robinson

I just listened to the new James Taylor song ‘Angels of Fenway’. Some say that it will make you hate the Red Sox. I’m not sure that those “hating” the song have actually really listed to the song. The story I heard was of a boy who would go to baseball games with his family. He eagerly anticipated each train stop. Anxiously awaiting the last moment of his arrival to Fenway park. James sang about the Red Sox struggles to finally beat the Yankees. Finally, one day in 2004 the ‘Angels of Fenway’ helped the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the World Championship Game.

Eric Levenson of the Boston Globe picked apart James Taylor’s song with such negative connotations.  There is no reason for James not to have mentioned the last time that the Red Sox won the championship (1918). Speaking to the Red Sox were down in the series by three games was just factual. They were indeed “hanging on like a dog with a bone”. The Red Sox had been so close so many times before and being able to see them fight as hard as they did and finally come away with the win, had to be an amazing moment for anyone to witness. James is a diehard Red Sox fan who through the years has done as much as he could do to show his love and appreciation for the team. He proudly speaks of his ability to have sung the National Anthem on two separate occasions. Better than that, he’s held two concerts at Fenway with a third on the books in August.

I have to say that my favorite note in the song ‘Angels of Fenway’ is “riding on the Green Line”. It was nice to be able visualize James (or anyone) sitting on the green line anxiously waiting to arrive at Fenway park. I remember many occasions returning home from working in town and people often accompanied by their children were singing about the Red Sox as they counted each stop until arriving at Fenway. Relieved when it was finally their turn to leave the train.

I’m sure you know by now that I’m just a true James Taylor fan. In my life, I’ve attended one concert and it was a James Taylor concert. I can actually remember everything about it. Including that there was standing room only.  I had taken my dad who had only really attended symphony’s and the like.  My youngest sister also accompanied us. It was a real hot day, but no one cared because we had James Taylor and his music.

One thing is certain. When James likes something, you’ll know it because he’ll sing about it.  It may that day, but it will be someday, someday down the road he will indeed sing about it. Maybe you will like it and maybe you won’t. But don’t judge it unless you can really understand it.

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I’ve been sitting here thinking about our beloved Boston Red Sox. Through the years there have been a great many ups and downs both on the field and of the field. Some game related issues and others having nothing to do with the game. But one thing is for certain, even when you feel let down when they lose, there is just something that is so special about our Boston Red Sox that just makes you love them no matter the outcome.They have their faults, they do their best, they’re only human like the rest of us. They keep us coming, they keep us going. I’m sure there is no other place we’d rather be, than sitting there supporting our team. The Boston Red Sox.

My love goes deep for the Red Sox. I can’t really handle the crowd atmosphere or the noise due to some hearing issues. But each time I know that the Red Sox are playing I’m routing for them. I know they always bring their best even when injured. You just can’t win every game, and what would be the real fun in that any way. No one should want to win all the time, because it will be harder to accept loss when it finally did come around.

So to all those true fans out there, lift a full glass, lift and air glass, lift and empty class, to our beloved Boston Red Sox. Show and give your support always and pledge your lifelong loyalty to a team deserving of your loyalty.

To the Boston Red Sox, I wish you all the luck in today’s 1:35 pm game against the Toronto Blue Jays. May you send them flying away home safely, but empty-handed.

Thank you Boston Red Sox for being everything you are to so many people! Felina Silver Robinson

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