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Crew of the Capt. RM Chase trapped in Woods Hole

Yacht stuck in downtown Boston

My Poem of the Day


On A Perfect Day

On a Perfect Day

We sleep til 9

No Alarm Clocks

No ringing phones

No cares

No worries

The kids make breakfast


Even clean their mess

No raised voices

No sibling rivalry

We pack a picnic lunch

We load up the car

We head for the dock

We board the boat


We set sail

Headed for nowhere

Just out into the wide blue yonder

Just the stir of giggles

Smiles across all their faces

Laying flatly on chairs lined about the boat

No one even cares what the other is talking about

Simple and carefree is what this day is all about

The sun is nearly setting

The wind is picking up

It’s time to set sail for the return trip home

The smell of the crisp clean ocean tugs at our noses

Makes us long for what we’ve just gotten

We hit dry land

Happy but sad to be back again

A beautiful sunset

A perfect ending


A perfect


Copyright 2014

On A Perfect Day©

Is on North Head Lighthouse Road in Washington

The North Head Lighthouse

Felina Silver Robinson

2 people were on board, hospitalized for burns

Planes, boats participate in search

U.S. Coast Guard

Boston Harbor Cruises boat stuck off Boston

Coast Guard working to help stranded whale watching boat

No one on board, officials say