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By Felina Silver Robinson

Enjoyed watching American Idol missed episodes with the girls last night.  There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done and of course TV isn’t on the list of priorities. Thank Goodness for the good old DVR so you can record it and watch it later so life doesn’t pass you by. It’s amazing how talented some people are, but then there are others that enjoy just being themselves despite knowing that singing is the last thing they should be attempting to do. I’m glad that so many people are comfortable in their own skin. Once we finished the girls went to settle in their beds for the night.

My husband is so lucky he’s able to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow while I sit awake during the night. Last night I heard the wind howling through the night as the snow was on the way. I was happy to catch just over an hour of sleep. Upon waking I found the back yard full of shiny glistening snow. I knew the girls would be happier than happy upon waking.

For the next couple of hours, I surfed the web reading up on mental illness and searching for new cooking ideas.  I love to cook and I find myself anxious to attempt some of the new techniques I’ve seen while watching Top Chef Boston. It’s amazing what you can do to food. It makes me wish I had a house with a floor dedicated just to cooking. I’m now inspired to take on many new challenges in the kitchen.

Everyone wakes in a good mood and the girls do in fact scream with delight as they view the snow through my bedroom window. I’ve never seen them eat their breakfast so quickly just so they could make their way outside to enjoy the snow.

After recording the outdoor fun it was time for me to take on the task of changing my room around.  This was all so I could get my desk out of the cold draft of the window.  It’s no fun writing with a cool breeze slowly leaking in on you the entire time.  I get so cold sometimes it causes me to nod off.  It took me 4 and 1/2 hours to get the job done, mostly due to all the electronics that I had to move and rewire. Once it was all done, you would never know it had been any different.

I was able to go on and do some writing in a comfortable new spot in the room. We just enjoyed a nice dinner. Sitting down together with music and conversation is quite comforting. There is nothing better than hearing laughter from your child. We are all going to gather shortly to finish watching American Idol, but of course, I will still be on the computer, doing what I do, but enjoying time with some of those that I love most. It’s just another day in the life of ME!


By Felina Silver Robinson

The house was subdued throughout the afternoon and evening yesterday, despite the fact that our younger twin remains ill from her horrendously painful ear trauma. I hate having to sit by waiting for an MRI giving her ear drops and pain medicine. I wish I was magical and could relieve her pain with just my touch.

I felt so alone during the night as everyone else was able to sleep and I sat listening to the sounds of the night wondering how many others sit up in their beds just like me. The hours quickly melted away and I experience another great morning of synchronicity with the girls. Maybe it was knowing that it’s Friday and they have the weekend to look forward to. Time to do as one likes is everything, especially when you are young at heart.

It felt great to get back to exercising today. Boy what a difference a day really makes.  You wouldn’t think that your body would make you pay as much as it does for missing 24 hours without exercise, but I noticed it. I’m sure it’s because I need more time to whip my body back into shape. I’m on my way and I will keep moving forward no matter the pain. I put 5,543 steps behind me topped off by 15 minutes of yoga, I hope my body is happy. 

On my mind today continues to be the “deflation” issue that the New England Patriots are suffering through. This entire situation is just ridiculous. I’m certain that everyone knows that the Patriots don’t need to deflate footballs to win the AFC Championship. This was certainly not their first attempt to get there and I’m certain it won’t be their last. I just wonder why the Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, didn’t initially state that he didn’t notice any difference in the ball he intercepted during last weeks game with the Patriots. Why hold on to that statement for later? I hope that in the end it turns out to be the cold weather that deflated the balls and that neither team had anything to do with the “deflation” of the Patriots footballs.  Let the Patriots enjoy their success and move forward with the task at hand, preparing to play against the Seattle Seahawks in the upcoming match-up.

Writing seemed to go with such ease today. It’s easier when you have the story(ies) all stored neatly in your head. It’s just a matter of organizing your thoughts and committing to transferring the information onto the computer.

Moving on. I plan to spend tomorrow rearranging the room that my husband and I share so I’ve spent hours visualizing what makes the most sense. This will be a massive project. The things I get myself into. Unfortunately, I don’t every seem to be happy unless I’m changing something around at home or in my writing. This is what makes me happy outside of cooking good food. Speaking of which, my daughter asked me to make chocolate chip cookies two nights in a row including last night, so I did. Whatever I can do to make someone else happy, especially my family, I will do.

Life is good. Even when we don’t get all that we hope for.  I wish better luck next time to my 14-year-old daughter (the older twin) who is the time-keeper for the Freshman girls basketball team at Brookline High School, and the rest of the team. BHS lost today’s game by 3 points to Dedham High School with a final score of 27 (Dedham) 24 (BHS)..

Just another day in the life of ME!


By Felina Silver Robinson

Another great morning of synchronicity with the girls. Everything worked like a well oiled machine without much prompting I might add. Thank goodness because with a lack of sleep its hard to put exuberant amounts of energy into things that occur first thing in the morning.

Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour advocating for my youngest at school. It turns out that despite her having ADHD and PTSD she doesn’t qualify for an IEP because she is sound in her academic executive functioning abilities. However, she does have problems with processing and reasoning abilities as well as frontal lobe issues. Self avocation is her biggest problem. My problem is that it seems that schools don’t function as they did when I was an elementary school student. Teachers always visually scanned a room to see if students were actively working and if it appeared that a student was struggling, the teacher would figure out what help might be needed. Today, a child shouldn’t have to do everything for themselves when it is obvious they have issues. A child can fail and the teacher has no problem not communicating with the parent to let them know that their 12-year-old is struggling and blaming the child for not getting things done. I understand that teachers have so many more students than they use to. But they do have help. The have student teachers and other valuable resources for helping the students. Today, teachers are winning awards, despite the fact that they are leaving students behind that don’t fit into the profile of a student that they prefer to work with. When a student is self-sufficient and can advocate for themselves, there are no problems.  The child who can’t self advocate is basically punished and cast aside. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to bother teachers when a child slips through the crack because they too have their own lives and there is only so much they appear to be able to handle. So what about my child, what am I to do. I can only act as her “frontal lobe” while she is at home. I can’t be there while she is at school. I can only do my best. I thank goodness that my daughter is comfortable talking to me. I will keep pushing on.

I took a day off from exercise as I enjoyed spending the day with one of my older daughters who is on vacation from work.  We spoke about many things. She enlightened me about how to find great free books on iBooks.  I love reading a good book.

The twins are home from school after a tough day but were pretty upbeat.  The younger twin has battled a horrific ear trauma that we are still trying to get properly diagnosed. Unfortunately, she is miserable.  I did the best to comfort her and reminded her that her MRI is coming up soon and we will hopefully have resolve soon.

Our youngest returns home after a difficult day with more homework yet to finish. After a brief check-in, she’s determined to get everything done. I’m proud of her willingness to push forward with the best spirit she can offer.

Just another day in the life of ME!


By Felina Silver Robinson

This morning I was sad to hear that Dr. Michael Davidson died yesterday at the hands of Stephen Pasceri, of Millbury because his mother, Marguerite Pasceri, died after Dr. Davidson had performed surgery on her. A childs love of a parent, especially a mother, can be as strong as an individual’s will to live. When you take that away from someone they often lose the will to go on, feeling as though they are invisible.  Their reality is obviously tainted as was  that of Stephen Pasceri. So when I sit down to dinner tonight I will again pray for both families and will hope that everyone can move past this traumatic incident without further loss. Life does go on for those who want to live it.

I start grateful that my twins made it to school today and we actually got all three girls out of the house early and quite happy. It’s the small things in life that actually matter. As I continue my morning chores, I think about the fact that people don’t seem to truly realize the value of their lives as well as the lives of others. It deeply saddens me that only in times of tragedy or in a convenient PR move or moment that they reach out to those suffering or in need of companionship. I further started to wonder why people need to be dying, or rich to meet someone they admire or look up to. I know some may think why is she spending her time thinking about such things? I do because it matters to me. Really, things that make others happy matter to me. I tell my own kids every day not to “waste time fighting about things that don’t matter or that you know won’t change, that life is short and the way they are behaving at the moment isn’t the way they are going to want to be remembered.” I always tell them that “they should put all their energy into being the best they can be as themselves and whether others like it or not, they will find themselves happy with what they have done. You can’t make yourself happy based on the desires of others.”

Chores are out-of-the-way for the time and I go onto exercise. 6,100 steps, thanks again to HBO and Boardwalk Empire, Season 5, Episode 2 this time. It’s truly amazing how the pain goes unnoticed when you don’t have to focus on it. I tell my children to focus on the happiest memory they can when they know they have to endure pain. It truly helps. I truly believe that people would be so much happier if they didn’t center their lives around the fact that they are in pain. No one can live like that. There is no fulfillment in that at all.

I finally remember to schedule a couple of much-needed appointments. I have a terrible habit of putting things of my own personal needs on hold because I’m obviously a caretaker to everyone else, leaving myself by the wayside. It’s my New Year’s resolution to try to do a better job of taking care of me, which is why I’m making a concerted effort to exercise more. I might be being a little hard on myself as I did just have knee surgery less than two months ago, and the injury was what kept me from exercising. However in my mind, that is no excuse and I have always lived off of the premise that there is no gain without a little pain. It’s hard to release yourself from childhood memories meant to guide you through life. What’s important, is that I’m on track now. I just hope that I can keep up the good work. I’m definitely motivated, that’s for sure.

Well, it’s time to prepare for a meeting, after which I can get to writing for another day. Until we meet again…Thanks for stopping by.

By Felina Silver Robinson

I start my day off the same way every day. I set my goals a little higher than the day before, hoping for better things all the time. Today slightly different being Tuesday and the day that the milkman comes to make his weekly delivery. It’s nice to get farm fresh items when you can.

Today a stomach bug decided to visit my 14-year-old twin daughters so they get an extra day off from school. The 12-year-old was slightly off, but no fever, or anything that was able to keep her home for the day so she went on her way. It’s morning as usual from then on. But chose to do better on today’s exercises and beat yesterday’s step count of 3,914 and therefore finishing at 5,507 steps.  I have to thank HBO and Boardwalk Empire, Season 5, Episode 1, for distracting me while I burned my calories. It’s definitely helpful to have something to take your mind off whatever pain you might be feeling. As per Jane Fonda: “No pain, no gain.”

After completing some morning chores, ready to begin blogging a tad bit earlier today, I stick my head out the front door for a breath of fresh air before taking a seat at the computer. I notice the neighbors dog getting her regular door-to-door shampoo and trim when suddenly overhead helicopters begin to hover overhead.  Two minutes after sitting at my desk, I get a flash report from CBS news and the ABC news that there has been a shooting at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.This hospital mind you is literally a 10 minute walk from my house if that. Thoughts race through m mind praying that it is no one I know. Then I pray that it has nothing to do with a terrorist act. Then I realize that it is a contained situation despite the fact that a victim lies with life threatening injuries and the shooter chose to commit suicide. My heart goes back to normal, but the helicopters remain. My heart goes out to the families, victims and all else involved in this situation. This was truly a senseless incident.

This incident is part of the constant reminder that violence doesn’t stop, Violence finds a home anywhere. You just hope and fray that it doesn’t find you or anyone you care about. We all must remain vigilant and aware of our surroundings, behave appropriately and make rational and sound decisions, thinking before we act on every situation.

I take a break and bag some food for my eldest daughter for a parents job is never done. Times are hard and we must all find a way to help take care of our own.

My hope for the rest of the day is that nothing else tragic occurs and that everyone kind peace within themselves to move forward in a healthy way.

…and the writing continues another day.


By Felina Silver Robinson

Well up and at I yell to myself knowing that I have to get my son up and out to work for the day. It’s hard to tear myself away from my iPad. I was enjoying the overnight news and still basking in the joy that the New England Patriots won their 8th AFC Championship in a row and are once again get to try their hand at winning the Superbowl.  I always have every faith in them. Any way, my Facebook friends and family have many things to share. Some good and some bad but nothing that I wouldn’t want to know, somethings I just don’t want to see, but you have to take the good with the bad in everything.

So as the morning starts to bring a bit more light in the day. My son is off to work, thanks to my husband for being his chauffeur (thank you honey). I set up breakfast for the girls, sweep the house, do some laundry and jump back on the bed and watch news with my hubby. I’m amazed to hear that the day will bring us temperatures in the 40s. That’s odd for this time of year. But happy to see that the sun will grace us with its presence, which of course is always more than welcome. After I’ve had my 20 minute fill, it’s time for my morning workout. Today I did 3,914 steps on the WiiFit Basic Step game and then did a separate aerobic workout lasting 20 minutes for a total of a 1 hour workout.  My body was surely crying when it was over.  I enjoyed a bagel with my husband while we watching last nights episode of resurrection on the DVR. I so love the show despite how predictable it is. As soon as it was over it was time to jump in the shower and rid myself of the film that covered me from head to toe. As always, the feel of the hot water against my skin was a welcoming feeling.

Once dressed and making sure everyone else showered. There were more chores to be done before going off to Walgreen’s for wrapping paper and cards for yet another birthday celebration coming up next week. There’s nothing wrong with being ahead of things. I wonder if anyone ever thinks about how much time and effort it really takes to keep a 7 room home clean and functioning and being sure that everyone living in that home has all that they need and are doing everything they need to be doing. It definitely takes a great deal of time and effort. I’m happy to do it though. It’s a lot of fun, but often emotionally draining, but the rewards are great.

Noon time comes and goes and I can now sit down and do my writing for the day. Thanks for stopping by for a moment with “A Day In The Life Of Me! To be continued…

by Felina Silver Robinson

Today I woke to the darkness of the morning after a restless night of tossing and turning yet again.

It was still silent about the house as if the midnight hour was still upon us.

At 6am It was necessary to wash sheets and blankets while others were still sleeping comfy in their beds

It was time to set up the coffee for the man of the house so he could prepare to take our son off to work.

In his absence I swept the house as the cats chased me all about as if catnip was the reward for the one who catches me.

After which a nice warm shower was calling my name. I gladly answered the call and enjoyed every drop of warmer than warm water against my skin.

I captured fifteen minutes of the news of the day and as always found what I heard to be disappointing.

Violence and ignorance ring through. But one good deed from ‘Bob’ Grownkowski as her delivers a much-needed sofa to a single mom lights up the room.

I decide it’s time for some exercise and head straight for the living room for a visit with my WiiFit.

So today I decide to spend 30 minutes on a step stepping exercise while listening to Bob Kingsley’s Top 40 Countdown on WKLB taking 2776 steps in 30 minutes and burning 166 calories, followed by an array of other exercises totaling 344 calories burned in the span of 43 minutes. Telling myself that I know I could burn more faster if I would just go running, but that’s just not going to happen.

With exercise behind me I could eat my breakfast but with each bite I found myself wondering if me and my Wii fit need to meet up again once I finish. I think better of it and relax a bit

to watch the last episode of Top Chef.which amazes me. The contestants working together with a family member some with little to no experience and others with a wealth of experience. Amazingly, they all pull off something quite delicious and a surprised to even most of them. One faltered slightly and the sibling performs better than he, but all works out in the end as no one had to go home. I relax checking notifications on Facebook only to find a comment to my disliking in response to a posting from CBS News on a Maryland Couple practicing “Free-Range Parenting” that are under investigation for neglect. I get a couple of not so agreeable replies to my comment and I could care a less. I state my feelings and move on.

I decide more cleaning is in store so I run through the house making beds, clearing the table, washing dishes and doing laundry until I find myself here talking to you about my day.

It’s now to move on to other things to do. Blogging, blogging and blogging.  Stay tuned for more…