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My Poem of the Day


That Sinking Gut Feeling©

By Felina Silver Robinson

The feeling that you get

In the pit of your stomach

When you know somethings wrong

But you can’t put your finger on it

When everything suddenly goes silent

Then there is a ring of the phone


The doorbell rings

And you’re met with an even more awkward silence

Then the words you dread hearing

After the caller or the person ringing the door bell

Has identified themselves

“We regret to have to tell you”

You want to slam down your phone

You want to slam your door

Hoping that it was all just a dream

But the voice you dreaded

Calls out asking

“Did you hear me,

Is there someone I can call for you?”

And you just collapse

Wishing you were in fact just dreaming

But of course you’re not

Oh how I dread that sinking gut feeling

My Poem of the Day


Each Wall Tells A Story©

By Felina Silver Robinson

In my house upon each wall

There’s a place for a


A note

A date

A prayer

A milestone

I fill each wall with


Happy Memories of

Those I love

Those I miss


Those I admire

Sometimes I find myself

Just staring at each wall, in each room, of my house

and, oh how I enjoy the view

Even though, sometimes it leaves me feeling sad and blue

Longing for what was, or  what may have been

So before I have a chance to shed another tear

I hurry to place another picture

Upon the wall

My Poem of the Day


Wedding Day©

By Felina Silver Robinson

A Bride

A Groom


A Marriage License

An unforgettable white lacy dress

Fancy but comfortable shoes

A french manicure

Perfectly styled hair

Family and Friends

A specially chosen wedding party

Something new

Something borrowed

Something blue

A beautiful church

An officiant

A Marriage certificate

A grand reception

A honeymoon

A happy ending

My Poem of the Day


What’s in the Past is in the Past©

By Felina Silver Robinson

In the past

There were days that I didn’t believe

In myself

Nor did I believe in those that I loved

In the past

There was nothing I wanted bad enough

To change the life I was living

In the past

I let others define me

I let others choose my direction

I let myself go to a place I wasn’t sure I could get back from

That was all in the past

And that is where I left it




Looking back

Looking forward

To all that’s good

All that makes me happy

My family

My friends

And my


That is my ticket out of the past

This is one door I’m happy to see the other side of

My Poem of the Day


The Words That Shape Me©

By Felina Silver Robinson

When I hear the words “I love you”

I feel loved

When I hear the words “I hate you”

I feel hated

Both words drive people to do some of the craziest things in the world

Some good, some bad, some absolutely amazing

The words that bother me the most are

I can’t

In my mind



Is possible

If you want something

Bad enough

So bad that you can taste it

I believe there has to be

An honest way

To make it


Words should never stop you

From getting what you want

The word I favor the most is


When I think of all my role models through the years

I can still say that my 6th grade


I will never forget her gentle sternness

She brought out the best in the worst of students

And helped each student reach their full potential


With just the power of her words


Her patience


They shape you


Can also define you

Always choose the rights ones


You will go far

My Poem of the Day


What I Won’t Stand For©

By Felina Silver Robinson


The poor choices of others is something I choose not to stand for

I wake up with control over my life

I walk out the door on my own two legs

With the strength that was given to me

And that I have worked hard to hold onto

I will not let someone who makes poor choices

Take my life

Harm my life

Change my life

By their actions

I can’t hold their hand

I can’t make threats to halt their actions

I can help educate those who are unaware

I can make sure not to enable those that may potentially cause harm

I can stay vigilant

I can lead by example and practice all that I preach

I won’t stand for someone else controlling the outcome of my life

Or the lives of those that I love

My Poem of the Day


The Fear of War Upon Our Shoulders©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Photo by Laurent Van Der Stockt/Gamma


Each night as I lay my head upon my pillow

I wish for peace

I pray for peace

I dream of peace

I hope that none of us will ever know the war

That others have given their lives for

That others have survived to give life a new meaning

While mothers any still live through the torments that war has left them with

Pain and anguish felt by many

Men, women and children

We’ve come so far through the years

That working together should curb most fears

Fighting only sets us back

Making us take twice the steps to work our way back

I wish for a time of

No more fighting

No more war

No more fearing thy neighbor

Hoping against all hope that we can ALL come to an understanding

To help one another and respect each other

As we teach our children to love thy neighbor

We must lead by example and extend our hands

Not our weapons

The weapons we bear are only harmful when we choose to use them

May we all learn the value of all life forms

And cast aside all hatred and desire to cause harm

May the mistakes of our past shape a peaceful future

So that we no longer have the fear of war upon our shoulders