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Teens facing charges; Others sought

BOSTON — Three Boston teenagers are facing charges and the search is on for several more after some disturbing attacks.

Police say a group of 20 young people launched at least six unprovoked attacks on people near Boston Common on Wednesday night.

The victims told police they were assaulted without provocation.

There were no serious injuries.

22-pound cat traps family in bedroom
House cat went crazy after attacking 7-month-old baby
Cat traps family in bedroom


An Oregon family had to call 911 to save them from their 22-pound cat.

The cat had attacked a 7-month-old baby Sunday night. The baby was OK, but the family had to take refuge in a bedroom as the cat continued to rage outside, Portland TV station KATU reported.

“I kicked the cat in the rear and it has went off over the edge and we aren’t safe around the cat,” Lee Palmer said in a 911 call.

“The cat, we don’t know what to do about the cat. He’s trying to attack us. When I leave the bedroom to let the police in, I’m gonna have to fight this cat.”

Officers had to use a dog snare to capture the cat and put it in a crate, The Associated Press reported.

The owners said the cat has a history of violence. It remains with the family in Portland.

 (Associated Press) | Updated December 27, 2013 – 9:16am

A man is treated after he was bit by a palometa, a type of piranha, while wading in the Parana River in Rosario, Argentina, Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2013. AP /La Capital, Silvina Salinas

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — An attack by a school of carnivorous fish has injured 70 people bathing in an Argentine river, including seven children who lost parts of their fingers or toes.

Director of lifeguards Federico Cornier said Thursday that thousands of bathers were cooling off from 100-degree temperatures in the Parana River in Rosario on Wednesday when bathers suddenly began complaining of bite marks on their hands and feet.

He blamed the attack on palometas, “a type of piranha, big, voracious and with sharp teeth that can really bite.”

Paramedic Alberto Manino said some children he treated lost entire digits. He told the Todo Noticias channel that city beaches were closed, but it was so hot that within a half-hour, many people went back to the water.


Salem woman charged with beating boyfriend’s mom

In Salem, Mass. — A Salem woman charged with beating her boyfriend’s 66-year-old mother is due back in court to determine whether she should get bail.

Tiffany Zemp is scheduled to appear in Salem District Court on Friday for a dangerousness hearing.

Prosecutors say the 28-year-old Zemp was arrested Monday after she allegedly slammed her boyfriend’s mother into the floor repeatedly, causing injuries to her face.

Zemp was held without bail after pleading not guilty Tuesday to charges of assault and battery on a person over 60 and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon — the floor — on a person over 60.

Police say the two, who live at the same address, had a dispute over a plumbing issue.

The Salem News  reports the victim was treated at the scene.


Virginia legislator, former gubernatorial candidate assaulted at home

Virginia legislator, former gubernatorial candidate assaulted at home

Wallet stolen from victim at Arnone Elementary School

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Couple left seriously injured in attack

Bedford NH

Newly released documents give details of a violent attack in Bedford in which a couple was left fighting for their lives.

According to search warrant affidavits, Sonia Quesada told police she entered the laundry room of her 7 Proclamation Court home on Nov. 24, 2012, and was startled by a large man in a ski mask, who seemed surprised to see her too.

Quesada told police she was forced to the ground and sexually assaulted and told not to look at her husband, who was being assaulted nearby. Quesada escaped after the burglar went to the kitchen, according to the affidavits.

She ran to a neighbor’s house and pleaded for help, screaming about her baby. The documents show that Quesada believed that her husband, Dr. Eduardo Quesada, was dead, while the couple’s daughter was still in her crib upstairs.

The affidavit states that police didn’t enter the home until an hour and a half after they arrived. Investigators said they heard a young baby crying upstairs and discovered Eduardo Quesada lying face down in a large pool of blood. The baby was unharmed.

Eduardo Quesada was taken to Elliot Hospital with severe head and facial injuries.

Investigators located a screwdriver lying near his feet. Police noted that a basement window was forced open, with scrapes, marks and impressions left on the wooden frame.

Court documents show investigators got their first break in the case in January 2013. The Methuen Police Department contacted Bedford, saying a confidential informant had information about the case.

The informant led police to a suspect vehicle owned by a woman from Milford, N.H. The woman told police she loaned her SUV to her boyfriend, Charles Normil, to go out that night, and that Normil vacuumed and wiped down the car before returning it to her.

Normil was indicted in September on more than a dozen charges, including aggravated felonious sexual assault and attempted murder.

Sonia Quesada died in January. Her body was found in her mother-in-law’s home, and police said the death is not suspicious.

Transit police searching for assailant


MBTA police said they have arrested a man who was wanted in connection with the assault of a bus driver while the bus was in operation and subsequent crash in Chelsea last week.

A bus driver was physically assaulted on the night of Oct. 13 as the bus was moving near 948 Broadway St.

The bus veered into a legally parked car, which set off a chain reaction involving two other vehicles, police said.

Police said Douglas Bergeron, 32, was arrested in Malden on Monday. He will be arraigned Tuesday on charges of assault and battery on a public employee and interfering with public transportation.

Brooklyn man is 9th arrested in case

Bikers assault driver

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