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deputy fired

Anyone thinking that young women pictured in any of the videos. Yes, as the deputy was forcefully hurting the young woman in the attempts to remove her from her seat, she did in fact reach up and strike him.  From what we see in the video, it doesn’t at all appear that the force of the fist hitting the officer was not enough to even bruise the officer. But what Officer Fields was doing to the young woman in question is in no way justified. A young woman was asked to hand over her cell phone and her replying “no” in no way physically or even emotionally harmed anyone including the teacher or any other staff. For her to be arrested and charged is a miscarriage of justice as is the arrest of the other student who stood up in her defense.  Moreover, I noticed that there was a teacher or school administrator watching the officers abuse of this young woman. While unnecessary charges are being handed out, why didn’t anyone charge the teacher/administrator for standing there just watching and not at all verbalizing any sort of concern for the young womans well-being. That’s inexcusable.  I wouldn’t want any child I know or care about to be attending any school that sort of thing is able to happen. I’m sure that former officer Ben Fields is a good person.  He wouldn’t have been hired if he wasn’t nor would he have received an award. However, we must all be held for our actions, when and if they fall into question. In this instance, he was completely in the wrong and that is that!

S.C. school resource officer suspended without pay