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Squirrel ‘Detained’ by German Police for Stalking Woman

Retro News Report

July 15, 2015

1. Wild Horse Wars (Issue since 1971)

The decades-long quest to save wild horses has run amok, creating a problem that even swooping helicopters, aging cowboys, camera-savvy activists, and millions of dollars can’t solve.

2. Ducks will wear retro uniforms against Washington (Uniforms from 1994)

3. For all you shoppers out there…Atom Retro Clothing Opens Shop in Malton, North Yorkshire

Pretty Green: White Dove Collection

4. Retro Indy: Oscar Charleston (Looking back to 1920)


5. Vintage Style ~ All Things Vintage and Retro (Going back to the 50s and more)

vintage phones

6. Retro Music

Johnny Depp could face jail time for bringing dogs to Australia

Loose moose spotted wandering around Fitchburg

Billerica police find lost cat brought to town under hood of car

Homeowner says deer crashed through window

4 Ducks Taken For Treatment

Mallard ducks found dead in contaminated water