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Bull then shot after charging at officer


Wife allegedly beaten by fighter hubby wants him back

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Boy taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital

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Outside areas closed while police searched for animal

DERRY, N.H. — Derry, N.H., police say they found and euthanized a fox that chased a woman and her son and bit another girl on the ankle.

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The first incident involving the fox was reported Wednesday around 6:45 p.m. Derry police said they got a call from a woman who said she watched a fox circle her 9-year-old son while he was playing in their back yard.

She said the boy started to run to the house, and the fox chased him and knocked him to the ground.

She said she threw something at the animal and it backed off, only to chase both her and her son as they continued to run back to their house.

The woman said she then swung a shovel at it and the fox ran into nearby bushes.

They were not injured.

The second incident was reported Thursday around 3:45 p.m. at Don Ball Park on Humphrey Road. The caller told police that the fox bit a 5-year-old girl in the ankle while she was playing.

Police said they responded to the area and after an extensive search the fox was located.

Officers said they were forced to euthanize the fox in a wooded area off Cemetery Road.

During the search for the fox, police said a public safety alert was issued for resident in the areas of Schurman Drive, Cemetery Road, Dexter Street, South Main Street and in the area surrounding Don Ball Park.

As a further precaution, the park and all outside areas of the West Running Brook School and Derry Village School were closed.

Those areas have since reopened.

Pit bull/boxer mix secured by animal control officers

EAST SANDWICH, Mass. — East Sandwich police say an unidentified woman has been taken to the hospital after having her lip bitten off by a dog.

The Cape Cod Times reports that police and fire officials were called at about 6:20 p.m. Saturday for a reported dog bite with injury.

Occupants of the home told police that a 43-year-old woman had been bitten by a pit bull/boxer mix and that her lower lip was bitten off by the dog.

She was taken to South Shore Hospital Trauma Center by Sandwich fire officials.

Police say Sandwich animal control officers have secured the dog and are investigating.

No other details were immediately available Sunday.

(File photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

UPTON (CBS) – Some residents in Upton had their nerves rattled after a recent incident where a rabid bobcat attempted to attack a horse.

The town’s health department says the horse was in its stall in a heavily wooded area off Grove Street on March 15 when the attack happened.

Upton’s Animal Control Officer responded to the report, and according to a report in the Milford Daily News, killed the bobcat.

The animal later tested positive for rabies.

According to the report, the horse, which is elderly and blind, was not injured because the bobcat could not manage to get past the barn door. The barn door was reportedly covered with claw marks.

Upton’s DPH posted a statement on its website noting residents’ concerns and saying that while the incident sounds frightening, rabid animals are not a new problem in town.

They’re offering up information on how people can protect themselves.


Reported wolf-dog attacks on people investigated

NORTH STONINGTON, Conn. — Connecticut environmental conservation police are investigating reports about hybrid wolf-dogs attacking people and animals in the southeastern part of the state.

The Day of New London reports that police have been alerted to the possible presence of one or more wolf-dogs around Long Pond in North Stonington and Ledyard. The hybrids reportedly have attacked at least two horses, bitten a bicyclist and threatened a local resident, who shot one to death.

State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection officials say wolf-dog hybrids are dangerous and it’s illegal to own them in Connecticut.

The man who shot one of the wolf-dogs says three large, white canines without collars surrounded him outside his horse barn last month. He says testing on the animal he killed showed it was a wolf-dog hybrid.

Victim tells police the pit bull snapped and bit him in the face

WMTW Image

FRYEBURG, Maine — A 5-year-old boy was hospitalized with serious injuries after the family pit bull mauled him Tuesday morning.

Fryeburg police say the boy was lying on the floor and petting the dog when it snapped at him and bit him in the face.

The boy was taken to an area hospital, then transferred to Maine Medical Center in Portland. He was in satisfactory condition on Tuesday night.

Police say the dog was euthanized by a local veterinarian, and they believe its rabies shots were not up to date. Tests are being performed on the dog’s remains to determine if it had rabies.

Nobody has been charged in the incident.


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