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Bernice Madigan was born in 1899

When I get old

When I get old

will you still know me

Will you still care

Will you still stop on the street to talk to me

Will you still offer me a ride home

Will you still care enough to spend some time

When I get old

Will you still hold me

Will you still love me

Will you still respect me

Will you still trust me

When I get old

will you care when I’m no longer there

getting old2


When I get old was written by

Felina Silver Robinson on 12/02/13



Trapped inside the shell of my body

We come into this world in a perfect little shell
Full of chances, promises and opportunities
We have to do our best to keep up our outer shell
That’s what people see when they look at us
It’s what they see when they decide…
…decide to befriend us, love us, hire us, learn from us or whether they want to be like us
Treat your shell well because in the end that’s what people will see..
…see when your time is done and they just want to remember you.