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Demonstration to take place in Copley Square

1. EPA Publishes 19th Annual U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory

2. Killing of environmental activists rises globally

3. Beijing says one third of its pollution comes from outside the city

4. Letter to Pope Francis calling for fossil fuel divestment

Environment and Pope Francis :  Saint Peter's square in the Vatican on rainy day

Multi-faith groups in Australia and North America urge the Pope to back a campaign to pull money out of the fossil fuel industry

• Pope Francis urged to back fossil fuel divestment campaign

5. The first climate justice summit: a pie in the face for the global north

An alternative summit held during Cop 6 brought the idea of climate justice onto the global stage. How pivotal was this moment for how the climate change movement progressed?
Huaorani Indian children play with scarlet macaws in Yasuni National Park

6. U.S. minorities exposed to more toxic air, U finds

Cutting nitrogen dioxide levels for people of color could prevent thousands of deaths, Minnesota researchers said.