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20130831-223630.jpgMan dies after fall from roof via @WCVB

Vehicles collide with MBTA bus injuring 4 via @WCVB


The lovely Princess Diana Remembered 16 Years Later


Peabody police searching for potential suspect involved in multiple retail thefts – via @bostondotcom


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Dunkin’ Donuts apologizes for blackface ad campaign via @WCVB


5 Things Single Women Never Want to Hear
By Lisette Mejia, POPSUGAR Love & Sex, July 18, 2013

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You push me forward
I fall back

You see forever
I see nothing

You have dreams
Mine have been shattered

You’re tall
I’m small

You have everything
I have very little

You have friends
My books are mine

You work
I grovel

Your life is fulfilled
My life is empty

You’re always happy
And I’m always sad except for when I’m with you

This poem was written for a conversation my friend had with me when she arrived here from Trinidad 12 years ago. I hope she now feels different and that her life has changed for the better. i haven’t seen her in five years, but my thoughts have always been with her and her family.

Obama seeking lawmakers’ approval for Syria strike via @WCVB


Find a safe place to keep all these things just make sure they are never in your wallet. Don’t let a thief steal your identity!