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You fill my heart with hope.
You carry a great light in your eye.
Your heart is open to all who need it
You wonder about all in the world and what you can do to change it.
You inspire many to change and grow.
You aspire to do great things.
You feel everything but hold no grudges, for you are forgiving.
You are a good, young soul.

Vous …
Vous remplissez mon coeur avec espoir.
Vous portez une grande lumière dans l’œil.
Vous cœur est ouvert à tous ceux qui en ont besoin
Vous vous interrogez sur tout dans le monde et ce que vous pouvez faire pour le changer.
Vous inspirez beaucoup de changer et de grandir.
Vous aspirez à réaliser de grandes choses.
Vous vous sentez tout, mais tenez pas rancune, car vous êtes indulgent.
Vous êtes un bon, jeune âme.

I dedicate this poem to my dear friend Noemie Dodart. I hope you enjoy it!

My new coffee table seems to have an uninvited guest.  One of the front side panel blocks appears lighter than the rest.  When the room is lit by sunlight or any other form of light, you can see a profile picture of someone long ago. The carving actually has features similar to those of George Washington and sports the very same hairdo. It’s funny because now the girls refuse to sit in the room alone without a companion as if they think something will happen to them. What could happen? :-)

When I was young I had a paper route. I was always afraid to be out on the street when it was dark and everyone was still sleeping. I hated collecting for the paper when it was dark and everyone was just getting home from work. I was always afraid something bad was going to happen in the dark of the morn or the dark of the night. Sometimes I used to dream that when something bad was about to happen I would be flying through the sky off to safety. Until the other day, I thought it was all a dream until I was talking to someone else who do had a paper route and told me the very same story. I said to myself that two people can’t have the same situation occur and their not be some truth to it. Maybe it wasn’t really a dream. In both of our situations someone saw what happened and asked the question “how did you do that? I saw you fly, I wish I could do that.”

There is so much sadness in the world today.  You can choose to be a part of it or find a way to make your own life as happy as possible. Each day I wake up, view the headlines for what is important to me. I process the information that might be a little hard to swallow.  I may or may not choose to write about something that is on my mind, then I try to put it away so that I can have a positive, successful day.

I find when anyone spends too much time around anything negative or painful, all of those feelings pour out into everything that they might be trying to carry out.

I’m sure most of you know that surrounding yourself with both people and things you love is the key to happiness.  Something as small as finding time to read that book you’ve wanted to read for a long time, or taking that weekend trip that you’ve planned or even just spending time with an old friend that you haven’t seen in a long time. Being happy doesn’t really take that much effort, happiness needs to be something you want in your life.

You would be surprised at just what can make you happy.  When you find yourself spending more than five minutes being upset about something, find a way to remove yourself from the situation and redirect your attention to a more positive and functional situation. There is no need or purpose in wasting any of the precious moments of the gift of life we’ve all been given.  Enjoy it the best way you can.

Growing up I was in a neighborhood where my family stuck out like a sore thumb. Our neighborhood was a predominantly Irish Catholic. My mother being Native American and my step father being Polish, we were truly a noticeable difference to the neighborhood. ALL of our neighbors welcomed us with open arms and frankly, I remember each of them quite fondly still today. Some of them have passed on or moved away, while others still remain now with their extended families.

Often times my own experiences have been at the hands of someone I looked up to or just didn’t expect to behave in the way that they did. I’ve gone to the Stop & Shop in my neighborhood with my husband, who at the time was my boyfriend, to have the cashier that was checking me out at the cash register say to her friend that was bagging; “Can you believe this dumb B—h is with a white man, this Ni–r, doesn’t care and this is why every race is being wiped out”. My response to her was, I know you’re talking to your friend about me. I’m not dumb, and no one gets to decide who I fall in love with. I’m with my boyfriend because I love him. I also told her that she was in a place of business and had no right to talk to or about a customer in the way that she had and that if she didn’t stop talking at that moment, I would walk over to the manager’s desk and report her, which I should have done anyway.

I don’t care what someones name is, their job title or what their background is. No one has the right at any time to pass comment about anyone because of their ethnicity. You might not like who someone is or what they are doing, but unless they are causing you physical, bodily harm, you have no rights to involve yourself in any part of their lives.

Now imagine being a person of color and watching a TV program and one of the people you really enjoy watching (Paula Deen) and all of a sudden you can’t believe the words that are coming out of her mouth. You sit and ask, is this really happening on TV? When you realize it is, you are still in shock. You don’t know if you should change the channel, turn off the TV, scream or what, but you know you have to do something. Then time passes and you hear that person gets fire because of what she said on TV.

Some people are mad because they like her show and they still want to watch it. Most people are mad because they don’t really think it is a big deal. That’s most likely because they have thought the same way Paula has or maybe they just don’t care because it doesn’t directly affect them.

I’m here to say that unless you are living it, you have no right to feel pity for Paula Deen or anyone else that behaves like Paula Deen does. For me, I feel she only made the teary eyed apology because she realized just how much money she could stand to lose should viewers decide to boycott her show. Well I know 5 in one household that have already stopped watching.

I’m moving on, away from this now. I just had to say my peace.



On July 8, 2012, a 10 year old girl from Fairfield, ME was accused of killing Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway who was 3 months old at the time. The 10 year olds mother was babysitting the child at the time. The young murderer is the youngest person to be charged with a homicide in 30 years.  At this time, she is not competent to stand trial.  It’s believed there will come a day when she will be competent enough to stand trial.

This situation saddens me.  What is so wrong with the children of today that they hold such anger within enough to want to hurt each other or someone so innocent and defenseless? A 10 year old should in no way be facing a homicide charge. I need to know what went wrong. Don’t you?

This morning I woke up wanting to forget yesterday.

Not because it was bad, because it wasn’t. It was good.

Not because I was sad, because I wasn’t. I was happy.

Not because everything went wrong, because it was right. It was almost perfect.

I wanted a new day because even though everything in my life was good, I didn’t like what I heard.

I didn’t like the news of the day.





The one good piece of news was that DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) was found to be unconstitutional by a 5-4 vote in the supreme court.

So today I offer us all a new day, a new beginning.

Less bad news, more good news.