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Honor Me

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I give my all for those known and unknown to me

Though the reason is not always clear

I do it for my country

I do it to keep us free

I always want to honor those who fought and fight for me

I am your son, I am your daughter

I am your husband, I am your wife

I am you father,I am your mother

I am your protector

Please pray for me.

Did you know?

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The Artists with Most number-one singles

  • The Beatles (20)
  • Mariah Carey (18)
  • Elvis Presley (17) (Pre-Hot 100 charts and Hot 100)
  • Michael Jackson (13)
  • Madonna (12) tie
  • Rihanna (12)[32] tie
  • The Supremes (12) tie
  • Whitney Houston (11)
  • Janet Jackson (10) tie
  • Stevie Wonder (10) tie

We live our lives each day worrying about the impressions we leave on others. If we do what’s right, if we care about others, if we think before we speak or act, we will be remembered in the light that we always hoped for.

I think we have all known for a long time that our streets are not as safe today as they were some 20+ years ago. So many people being struck down by all sorts of vehicles. Often due to the fact that the driver was distracted by another occupant of their vehicle, a cell phone, sunlight or another vehicle driving carelessly. Whatever the reasons, it’s now too common place to hear of these said tragedies almost on a daily basis. There are not enough cities or towns that separate us that can spread around the pain. When we hear and see it all it doesn’t matter that those that are hurt are not a member of your family. If you think about it, in the face of tragedy, weare all family and should stand united. Protect yourselves and others. Limit your own distractions, always stay alert. Keep your mind and your eyes on the road at all times whe you are on the road. If you see someone driving carelessly, report it. You never know what their carelessness might cause down the road.

I remembered today that although we are all separate and unique individuals, we lead our separate lives, and have our own thoughts. We are meant to be equals and to be treated equally. We were born with the same body parts, our brains may carry different thoughts and memories, but they are the same biologically, just remembering, wanting and needing different things. When we achieve something, we all celebrate. When we lose something or someone we care for or feel we have failed, we mourne the loss or the failure. The main thing that separates anyone is their own personal choice as to whether they are going to make a good name or a bad name for themselves, whether they will be a good citizen or a criminal. May we all make the right choice and always be worth knowing or remembering.

I didn’t know anyone was watching me
shed a tear
hug you close
kiss you goodbye
I didn’t know if anyone would remember
all you ever taught me
all you ever meant to me
I didn’t know anyone was watching me shed a tear as you were laid to rest
I didn’t know it was you watching me

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