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Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows:

”Judah Ben Solomon Hai Alkalai, (b. 1798, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Ottoman Empire [now Bosnia and Herzegovin]—d. 1878, Jerusalem, Palestine), Sephardic RABBI and an advocate]—d. 1878, Jerusalem, Palestine0, Sephardic RABBI and an advocate of Jewish colonization of Palestine.

Alkalai was taken to Jerusalem at an early age, and there he was reared and educated for the rabbinate. At 25 he became rabbi of a congregation of SEPHARDI in Semlin (now Zemun, Yugos.), a border town of the Austrian Empire across the Sava River from Belgrade. There he wrote a book arguing that a physical “return to Israel” (i.e., to Eretz Yisra’el, the Holy Land in Palestine) was a precondition for redemption (salvation), instead of the symbolic “return to Israel” by means of repentance and resuming the ways of God. This doctrine was unacceptable in ORTHODOX JUDAISM and generated much controversy. His second book was a reply to heated attacks on his proto-Zionist views.

After the Damascus Affair, and anti-Semitic outburst of 1840, Alkalai took to admonishing Jews that the event was part of a divine design to awaken Jews to the reality of their condition in exile. Believing that Jews should migrate nowhere but the Palestine, he traveled in England and about Europe seeking support, but his efforts came to naught. Finally in 1871 he left his congregation at Semlin and went to Palestine, where he created a society for settlement. It too failed. But Alkalai’s writings did have some effect, particularly one book, Goral Ladonai (1857; “A Lot for the Lord”). These and his personal migration helped pave the way for the ZIONISM of THEODOR HERZL and others.

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Bright Circular UFO Flies Over Houston

People took to Twitter to post images showing a weird object hovering over Houston during a storm. A few of the images show a bright oval object floating over the skies. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the latest ufo sighting.
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1. Salaita’s Background Is What the College Wanted, Not His Free Speech

Dr. Steven Salaita is a Palestinian American scholar in Native American studies
fired for free speech.

2. ESPN’s Mike Ditka ‘Admires’ Snyder; Calls Redskins Opponents ‘Idiots’

Associated Press
Mike Ditka

3. An Open Letter to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell

4. Smile for the Camera — Santa Fe Indian Market Is Here!

courtesy SWAIA
A young member of the Serpent Tail Dancers flashes her pearly whites in the
2013 Indian Market Photo Booth

5. Bishop Paiute Tribe Makes History With Pilot Low Income Housing Project

6. Treaty Victory as Northwest Tribes Celebrate Oregon Coal Train Rejection

Tribes object to cars brimming with coal, such as these, being shipped by rail
through their territory and loaded at terminals that would compromise their
fishing rights.

7. Cartoonist Without Reservations: Ricardo Cate’ Is One Funny Indian

copyright Ricardo Cate’
Ricardo Cate’s cartoons often feature a Custer-like Caucasian and an Indian
trading barbs. Copyright Ricardo Cate’

8. Pow Wow Weekend Planner August 22-24

Associated Press
Mashpee Powwow wow



The show’s original ensemble cast:

My ThrowBack Thursday

Poem of the Day #2


Nana’s Living Room

PhotoScan (3) PhotoScan (4)

In Nana’s Living Room

everything so perfect

Shiny and New

Neatly kept and in its place

A piano

begging to be played

No dust

No scratches

Perfectly placed

Fancy chairs and end Tables

Lead crystal bowls

Crystal lamps

When I walked upon the

Baby blue plush carpet

I felt like a princess

Walking to her throne

Right here in my Nana’s Living Room

Copyright 2014

Nana’s Living Room©

Felina Silver Robinson