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The River©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The river is no longer still

Its ripples lye frozen to its floor

Waiting for the months of Spring

To bring upon the Winter’s thaw

Skaters flock to glide freely upon its surface

Since swimming and boating are safely tucked away

The trees stand bare and limp from the harshness of the cold

Until Old Man winter lies on its snow frosted layers

We daydream of the moment when we’ll see each tree bloom

No matter the season the view remains just right

We take it as we see it, faults and all

The vision is one of beauty and its such a wondrous thing

Soon it will all be in the past

So we are grateful for these moments when we can appreciate the view

Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

As You Like It



SCENE V. another part of the Forest.

Enter AMIENS, JAQUES, and others


Ami.  Under the greenwood tree

Who loves to lie with me,
And turn his merry note
Unto the sweet bird’s throat,
Come hither, come hither, come hither:
Here shall he see No enemy
But winter and rough weather.

Jaq. More, more, I pr’ythee, more.

Ami. It will make you melancholy, Mon-

sieur Jaques.

Jaq. I thank it. More, I pr’ythee, more. I

can suck melancholy out of a song, as a weasel

sucks eggs. More, I pr’ythee, more.

Ami. My voice is ragged: I know I cannot

please you.

Jaq. I do not desire you to please me; I do

desire you to sing. Come, more; another

stanza: call you ‘em stanzas?

Ami. What you will, Monsieur Jaques.

Jaq. Nay, I care not for their names; they

owe me nothing. Will you sing?      [myself.

Ami. More at your request than to please

Jaq. Well then, if ever I thank any man, I’ll

thank you; but that they call compliment is

like the encounter of two dog-apes, and when

a man thanks me heartily, methinks I have

given him a penny and he renders me the

beggarly thanks. Come, sing; and you that

will not, hold your tongues.

Ami. Well, I’ll end the song.—Sirs, cover

the while; the duke will drink under this tree:

—he hath been all this day to look you.

Jaq. And I have been all this day to avoid

him. He is too disputable for my company: I

think of as many matters as he, but I give

heaven thanks and make no boast of them.

Come, warble, come.

Who doth ambition shun [All together here.

And loves to live i’ the sun,
Seeking the food he eats,
And pleased with what he gets,
Come hither, come hither, come hither:
Here shall he see

No enemy
But winter and rough weather.

Jaq. I’ll give you a verse to this note that I

made yesterday in despite of my invention.

Ami. And I’ll sing it.

Jaq. Thus it goes

If it do come to pass
That any man turn ass,
Leaving his wealth and ease,
A stubborn will to please,
Ducdame, ducdame, ducdame:
Here shall he see
Gross fools as he,
An if he will come to Ami.


(On 2/28/15 – Join me in the continuation of Shakespeare’s 

“As You Like It”

Cozenage (n.)

Cozenage means “simpleton, dolt, fool”.  Cozenage is cited in three of William Shakespeare’s plays including Merry Wives of Windsor (MW IV.v.59), Hamlet (Ham V.iii.67), and The Comedy of Errors (CE IV.ii.97) Antipholus of Syracuse alone says to Ephesus: “They say this town is full of cozenage.”

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