1.  In West Virginia, whitewater rafting and the long tail of a chemical spill

Rafting outfitters believe a nearby chemical leak tainted business, even if it never

reached the waters here.

2. Study says early DDT exposure may set up females for obesity, diabetes

DDT pesticide obesity diabetes

3. Dam removals: Rivers on the run

As the United States destroys its old dams, species are streaming back into the

unfettered rivers.

4. Century-old pipe break points to national problem

The site of a water main break is shown near UCLA Wednesday July 30, 2014, in Los Angeles. A ruptured 93-year-old water main on Tuesday left the UCLA campus awash in 8 million gallons of water in the middle of California's worst drought in decades, stranding people in parking garages and flooding the school's storied basketball court less than two years after a major renovation. Photo: Nick Ut, AP / AP

5. In Lake of the Woods, growing algae blooms puzzle scientists

6. Environmentalists criticize mercury recycling bill

7. CLIMATE: EPA plan gives no credit for Southern states’ strides, utility

regulators say in Atlanta

Carbon-rule protestors

8. Religious Conservatives Embrace Pollution Fight

9. New rules to cut miners’ coal-dust exposure start Friday

coal miner

10. Delta tunnel plan called a fish death sentence by key group

Walter Suazo Jr., 9, of Concord shows off a 32-inch striped bass he caught from the Antioch pier on the San Joaquin River. A critique of the state's $25 billion plan for delta tunnels says they would bring winter-run salmon to the brink of extinction. Photo: Michael Macor, The Chronicle

1. From Geronimo to ‘The Scalp Hunters’: 10 Military Uses of Native Imagery

2. EPA Green Lights Navajo Generating Station, Interior Must Approve

3. Spirit of a Proud Nation: What We Can Learn from the Lakota

Biba S. Kavass
Earlier this summer, two group leaders, two teachers, and 11 high school
students piled into a van at Rapid City Airport to spend a week at Pine Ridge to
learn about the culture, study the factors contributing to such extreme poverty
on the reservation, and examine the use of microfinance to promote economic
growth and development.

4. Passing on the Culture: The Delaware Water Drum Story

Delaware Tribe of Indians
Dee Ketchum tells Bear Tompkins how to tie the water drum as attendees look on

5. Wall Street in Myth and Reality: A Native’s Guide to Investment


6. Maine Paper Completes 29-Part Series on Passamaquoddy Tribe

Gabe Souza/Portland Press Herald
A Passamaquoddy elder rests his hands on an oar while working near Long Lake
in Indian Township this spring. The people on the tribe’s two eastern Maine
reservations have spent decades fighting for their rights while struggling to preserve
their collective identity.

7. Hillary Clinton Says No! to Redskins

Associated Press
Hillary Clinton

8. Shoot-out! Shoni Schimmel vs. Angel Goodrich = WNBA Game of the Year

Shoni Schimmel

9. Rep. Markwayne Mullin, Cherokee, Among The Hill’s ’50 Most Beautiful’

Source: thehill.com
Mullin is one of two Native Congressmen, and one of the 50 Most Beautiful people
on the DC political scene, according to TheHill.com

10. Johnson’s Native Languages Bill Passes, Heads to Senate Floor

Courtesy Sen. Tim Johnson’s Office
Sen. Tim Johnson’s Native Languages Bill passes out of Committee

11. Put Native Youth Back in Mascots Debate

12. Preserving Culture: NPS Awards Historic Preservation Grants to Tribes

13. Modern Masterpieces: Santa Fe Indian Market Auction Preview [12 Pictures]

source: SWAIA.org
These concho belts incorporate pieces from 28 Native artists. They will be auctioned off
at the Santa Fe Indian Market’s Live Auction Gala, taking place on August 23, 2014.

14. Tohono O’Odham Chair Ned Norris Jr. on Job-Killing Legislation in Senate

15. Alarming Video of Alaska Melting Away

National Climate Assessment/The Story Group/Vimeo
The chapter of the National Climate Assessment released in May by the Obama
administration talks about melting—of ice, permafrost and glaciers—and talks about
how the effects of each are compounded because of climate change.

16. (Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)

17. (Part 2) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 2)

18. Oldest Native American drumming video ever



Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Tempest



SCENE, The Sea, with a Ship: afterwards an uninhabited Island.


SCENE II. (cont’d)—Another part of the Island.

This is a scurvy tune too: But here’s my comfort.

Cal. Do not torment me: Oh!                 [Drinks.

Ste. What’s the matter? Have we devils

here? Do you put tricks upon us with savages,

and men of Inde? Ha! I have not ‘scaped

drowning, to be afeard now of your four legs;

for it hath been said, As proper a man as ever

went on four legs cannot make him give

ground: and it shall be said so again, while

Stephano breathes at nostrils.

Cal. The spirit torments me: Oh!

Ste. This is some monster of the isle, with

four legs: who hath got, as I take it, an argue:

Where the devil should he learn our language?

I will give him some relief, if it be but for that:

If I can recover him, an keep him tame, and

get to Naples with him, he’s a present for any

emperor that ever trod on neat’s leather.

Cal. Do not torment me, pr’ythee;

I’ll bring my wood home faster.

Ste. He’s in his fit new; and does not talk

after the wisest. He shall taste of my bottle:

if he have never drunk wine afore, it will go

near to remove his fit. If I can recover him,

and keep him tame, I will not take too much

for him: he shall pay for him that hath him,

and that soundly.                              [wilt

Cal. Thou dost me yet but little hurt; thou

Anon; I know it by thy trembling;

Now Prosper works upon thee.

Ste. Comeon your ways’ open your mouth:

here is that which will give language to you,

cat; open your mouth: this will shake your shak-

ing, I can tell you, and that soundly: you cannot

tell who’s your friend: open your chaps again.

Trin. I should know that voice: It should

be—But he is drowned; and these are devils:

Oh! defend me!—

Ste. Four legs and two voices; a most delicate

monster! His forward voice now is to speak

well of his friend; his backward voice is to

utter foul speeches, and to detract. If all the

wine in my bottle will recover him, I will help

his argue: Come—Amen! I will pour some in

thy other mouth.

Trin. Stephano,—

Ste. Doth thy other mouth call me? Merry,

mercy! This is a devil, and no monster: I will

leave him; I have no long spoon.

Trin. Stephano!—if thou beest Stephano,

touch me, and speak to me; for I am Trinulo;

—be not afeard,—thy good friend Trinculo.

Ste. If thou beest Trinculo, come forth; I’ll

pull thee by the lesser legs: if any be Trinculo’s

legs, these are they. Thou art very Trinculo

indeed. How cam’st thou to  be the siege of this

moon-calf? Can he vent Trinculos?

Trin. I took him to be killed with a thunder-

stroke:—But art thou not drowned. Is the

I hope, now, thou art not drowned, Sephano?

storm over-blown? I hid me under the dead

moon-calf’s gaberdine for fear of the storm.

And art thou living, Stephano? O Stephano,

two Neapolitans ‘scaped!

Ste. Pr’ythee, do not turn me about; my

stomach is not constant.            [sprites,

Cal. These be fine things, and if they be not

That’s a brave god, and bears celestial liquor:

I will kneel to him

Ste. How didst thou ‘scape? how cam’st

thou hither? swear by this bottle, how thou

cam’st hither I escaped pon a butt of sack,

which the sailors heaved overboard, by this

bottle! which I made of the bark of a tree,

with mine own hands, since I was cast ashore.

Cal. I’ll swear, upon that bottle, to be thy

True subject; for the liquor is not earthly.

Ste. Here, kiss the book: Though thou canst

swim like a duck, thou art made like a goose.

Trin. O Stephano, hast any more of this?

Ste. The whole butt, man; my cellar is in a

rock by the sea-side, where my wine is hid.

How now, moon-calf? how does thine argue?

Cal. Hast thou not dropped from heaven?

Ste. Out o’ the moon, I do assure thee: I

was the an i’ the moon, when time was.

Cal. I have seen thee in her, and I do adore


My mistress show me thee, and thy dog and


(On 8/01/14 – We will continue with “The Tempest)

The TempestWhe

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows:

Akal Takhat, also spelled Takht (Punjabi: “Throne of the Timeless One [God]“), shrine facing the GOLDEN TEMPLE in AMRITSAR, the most sacred religious site of SIKHISM. The origin of the Akal Takhat is traditionally associated with Guru HARGOBIND (1595-1644, Guru 1606-44), the sixth Sikh GURU. He is believed to have held court at this spot, executing his responsibilities as the temporal leader of the Sikh community. During the 18th century the Akal Takhat served as the place for Sikh leaders to gather and discuss issues confronting the community.

With the Punjab Gurdwara Act of 1925, the management of historic Sikh GURDWARAS (temples) came under the newly created SHIROMANI GURDWARA PRABANDHAK COMMITTEE (SGPC). Since then the Akal Takhat has functioned as the primary place from which to announce decisions of the SGPC. A hukamnama (“order”) issued from the Akal Takhat is considered mandatory for all Sikhs. In the 1980s, under the leadership of the charismatic SANT JARNAIL SINGH BHINDRANWALE, Sikh militants working for the creation of KHALISTAN, an independent Sikh state, mae the Akal Takhat their base. Sant Bhindranwale was killed in a battle between his followers and Indian army troops in 1984. In this confrontation, the Akal Takhat was irreparably damaged; it was demolished and a new one was constructed in its place. Some within the Sikh community have felt that the Akal Takhat should be taken form the control of the SGPC, so that the moral authority of the Akal Takhat would be uncompromised by any sectarian or political agenda.

(Comeback on 8/01/14 and continue to learn about religion. Tomorrow you’ll read and learn about “Akbar“.

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middle-east gaza

Israeli armoured personnel carriers (APCs) are seen outside central Gaza Strip on July 31, 2014 REUTERS

 My ThrowBack Thursday

Poem of the Day


102800 Seth Alicia and the gang

Crazy Beautiful

When we were young

We could be who we wanted to be

Do what we wanted to do

We made faces that only a mother could love

Our imaginations were endless

No one judged us

We enjoyed endless hours of fun

laughing and dancing it up

Oh what we would all give to be there again

Where each day was mindless and timeless

Free and on the run to nowhere

We were all

Crazy Beautiful©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson