1. AIM Co-Founder Dennis Banks Remarks on Tragic Death of Misty Upham [Video]

Dennis Banks, seen here with family friend Tracy Rector (left), Robert Upham, and an unidentified relative, stopped by the memorial gathering for Misty Upham on Friday night.
2. James Roger Madalena: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Courtesy New Mexico Legislature
New Mexico State Representative James Roger Madalena
3. Orionid Meteors Sparkle and May Explode: Halley’s Comet Says Hello

Orionid meteors are among the most beautiful of the year, and we’re in the midst of them.
4. Not Your Mascot Minnesota to Protest ‘Redskins’ During Vikings Game

Ron Jackson
People supporting a name change listen as Virgil Ortiz of Laguna Pueblo speaks at the Anti-Redskins protest rally on October 11, 2014. Ortiz is an Professor at Arizona State University.
5. Suicide on Reservations and the Need for More Studies

“There are many warning signs we have to look out for, like people talking about taking their own lives.”

Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Winter’s Tale


ACT IV. SCENE III.—The same. A Shepherd’s Cottage.


Aut. Ha, ha! what a fool Honesty is! and

Trust, his sworn brother, a very simple gentle-

man! I have sold all my trumpery; not a

counterfeit stone, not a riand, glass, poman-

der, brooch, table-book, ballad, knife, tape,

glove, shoe-tie, bracelet, horn-ring, to keep my

pack from fasting;—they throng who should

buy first, as if my trinkets had been hallowed,

and brought a benediction to the buyer: by

which means I saw whose purse was best in

picture; and what I saw, to my good use I re-

membered. My clown (who wants but some-

thing to be a reasonable man) grew so in love

with the wenches’ song that he would not stir

his pettitoes till he had both tune and words;

which so drew the rest of the herd to me, that

all their other senses stuck in ears: you might

have pinched a placket,—it was senseless; ’twas

nothing to geld a codpiece of a purse; I would

have filed keys off that hung in chains: no hear-

ing, no feeling, but my sir’s song, and admiring

the nothing of it. So that, in this time of

lethargy, I picked and  cut most of their festival

purses; and scared my choughs from the chaff, I

had not left a purse alive in the whole army.

[CAM., FLO., and PER. come forward.

Cam. Nay, but my letters, by this means

being there

So soon as you arrive, shall clear that doublt.

Flo. And those that you’ll procure from king


Cam. Shall satisfy your father.

Per.                                      Happy be you!

All that you speak shows fair.

Cam.                               Who have we here?—


We’ll make an instrument of this; omit

Nothing may give us aid.

Aut. If they have overheard e now,—why,

hanging.                                          [Aside.

Cam. How now, good fellow! why shakest

thou so? Fear not, man; here’s nobody will

steal that from thee: yet, for the outside of thy

poverty, we must make an exchange; therefore,

discase thee instantly,—thou must think there’s

a necessity in’t,—and change garments with

this gentleman: though the pennyworth on his

side be the worst, yet hold thee, there’s some

boot.                                          [Giving money.

(On 10/20/14 – Join me for the continuation of “The Winter’s Tale”,

ACT IV. SCENE III—The same. A Shepherd’s Cottage.

A coastal storm is also on the way.

Freeze Warning for Brookline

My moment in time© by Felina Silver Robinson

I never thought it would happen
I never believed in myself enough until now
I stand before my fans on a concert stage
There must be hundreds even thousands
All here to listen to what I have to say
I thought I’d be nervous but not even a bead of sweat is near
The crowd is roaring begging to hear my first words
Suddenly a dead silence surrounds me once the signal is given
I’m amazed that there is no frog in my throat as a belt out
Each word of my story
The words flow so effortlessly and all ears are aching for more
After the ends the room is one again filled with roars
Everyone stumbles over the person on either side of them
All hoping for the same thing
An autographed copy of my book and a picture op
Another 90 minutes later everyone has come and gone
My fingers are cramping and my throat is horse
But there is nothing else I’ve ever wanted more
To be center stage with all eyes on me
Enjoying my moment in time

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Circles© by Felina Silver Robinson

In schools our children learn the circle of respect
In relationships we wear a ring to symbolize our commitment
When a child wants to feel safe they create their own space bubble
They are enclosed within their own circle
When people come together they prefer to sit in a circle
So they can see each other’s faces as they talk
I’ve just come to realize that we’re all in a dream land
What a welcome comfort to know that within a circle
You know the faces around you
Your requests are respected
You have a space that’s all your own
A circle means so much to many
I life we all come full circle before we are returned to the earth
What do you get from your circle
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Memories© by Felina Silver Robinson

From the day we break out into the world our memories begin
Some we will make
Some we will take
Some will be a mistake
Memories can put you to sleep
Some will keep you awake
Some will make you laugh and cry
Some will make you want to die
Memories will stick with you for a lifetime
So make sure you live right or they might just torment you

Note to my new readers: About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind. This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

Sad but true…

10/19/2014 — 2 Comments

American Idol’ alum Joanne Borgella dies at 32

Singer and model <a href='http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/19/showbiz/joanne-borgella-death/index.html'>Joanne Borgella</a>, an "American Idol" contestant in 2008, died on Saturday, October 18, at age 32 after a battle with cancer, according to her family.

Bare-gnawn (adj.) & Canker-bit (adj.)

Bare-gnawn means consumed, worn away to nothing. It was sited in Shakespeare’s King Lear (KL V.iii.120 [disguised, Edgar says to everyone] My name is lost, by treason’s tooth bare-gnawn and canker-bit.)

Canker-bit means worn-eaten, eaten away by canker grubs. It was sited in Shakespeare’s King Lear as noted above. Felina Silver Robinson.

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows:

”Andania Mysteries”,  ancient Greek mystery cult, held in honor of the goddess DEMETER and her daughter Kore (PERSEPHONE) at the town of Andania in Messenia. An inscription of 92 BCE gives directions for the conduct of the rites, although it relates no details of the initiation ceremonies. The ritual was performed by certain “holy ones” of both sexes, who were chosen from the various tribes.

Initiation seems to have been open to men, women, and children, bonded and free, and all costumes were to be severely plain and inexpensive material. An excetion was made for those who were to be “costumed into the likeness of deities,” possibly indicating that a pageant or drama was performed. There was a procession, precedence in which was strictly regulated, and the main ceremonial was preceded by sacrifices to a number of deities.

Demeter drives her horse-drawn chariot containing her daughter Persephone at Selinunte, Sicily 6th century BC.

(Comeback on 10/20/14 and continue to learn about religion. Tomorrow you’ll read and learn more about “Saint Andrew”.

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