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Jack of All Trades©

I’ll do anything you ask of me

I can do almost anything

That in which I don’t know

I will learn just for you

I’m never willing to be defeated by anything

There is no such phrase as

I can’t

or I don’t know how

You ask and I am willing

Willing to go to the end of the world

Just not to disappoint you

I’ll cook your dinner

I’ll clean your clothes

Heck, I’ll even shop with you or for you

and Put your kids to bed

You give me purpose

You give me a reason

about why I’m alive

I’m your Jack of all trades

Copyright 2014

Jack of All Trades©

Felina Silver Robinson

Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Winter’s Tale


ACT V. SCENE I—SICILIA. A Room in the Palace of



and Attendants.

Your mother was most true to wedlock, prince;

For she did print your royal father off,

Conceiving you: were I but twenty-one,

Your father’s image is so hit in you,

His very air, that I should call you brother,

As I did him, and speak of something wildly

By us perform’d before. Most dearly welcome!

And your fair princess,—-goddess!—O, alas!

I lost a couple that ‘twixt heaven and earth

Might thus have stood, begetting wonder, as

You, gracious couple, do! and then I lost,—

All mine own folly,—the society,

Amity too, of your brave father, whom,

Though bearing misery, I desire my life

Once more to look on him.

Flo.                                 By his command

Have I here touch’d Sicilia, and from him

Give you all greetings that a king, at friend,

Can send his brother: and, but infirmity,—

Which waits upon word times,—hath some

thing seiz’d

His wish’d ability, he had himself

The lands and waters ‘twixt your throne and his

Measur’d, to look upon you; whom he loves,—

He bade me say so,—more than all the sceptres,

And those that bear them, living.

Leon.                      O my brother,—           [stir

Good gentleman!—the wrongs I have done thee

Afresh within me: and these my offices,

So rarely kind, are as interpreters

Of my behind-hand slackness!—Welcome


As is the spring to the earth. And hath he too

Expos’d this paragon to the fearful usage,—

At least ungentle,—of the dreadful Neptune,

To greet a man not worth her pains, much less

The adventure of her person?

Flo.                                     Good, my lord,

She came from Libya.

Leon.                      Where the warlike Smalus,

That noble honour’d lord, is fear’d and lov’d?

Flo. Most royal sir, from thence; from him,

whose daughter

His tears proclaim’d his, parting with her:


A prosperous south wind friendly,—we have


To execute the charge my father gave me,

For visiting your highness: my best train

I have from your Sicilian shores dismiss’d;

Who for Bohemia bend, to signify

Not only my success in Libya, sir,

But my arrival, and my wife’s in safety

Here, where we are.

Leon.                     The blessed gods

Purge all infection from our air whilst you

Do climate here! You have a holy father,

A graceful gentleman; against whose person,

So sacred as it is, I have done sin:

For which the heavens, taking angry note,

Have left me issueless; and your father’s


As he from heaven merits it,—with you,

Worthy his goodness. What might I have been,

Might I a son and daughter now have look’d on,

Such goodly things as you!

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ACT V. SCENE I—SICILIA. A Room in the Palace of


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Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows:

”Angad”, also called Lehna, or Lahina (b. 1504, Matte di Sarai, India—d. 1552, Khadur), second GURÜ of Sikhs (1539-52). Angad was a sakta (“worshiper of the goddess,” see SAKTI) before coming to the fold of Gurü Nanak. Angad was appointed Gurü in 1539 and was able to sustain the community after the death of Gurü Nanak and prepare it for later phases of expansion. In Sikh lore, Gurü Angad is credited with having established a set of crucial institutions; he is also said to have originated the Punjabi script, Gurmukhi, in which the ADI GRANTH is written, and to have promoted the practice of community meals (langar) that broke down CASTE barriers. However, no historically credible documents support these attributions.

Gurü Angad

(Comeback on 10/25/14 and continue to learn about religion. Tomorrow you’ll read and learn more about “Angel”.

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