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I Know An Angel©

My Poem of the Day


I know an angel

Whose as precious as one can be

Troubled here and troubled there

It’s doubtful that you could know what she meant to me

Since she’s been gone my heart has become sad and lonely

I work harder each day to keep the darkness away

She made me honest and pure in the simplest way

She was dealt the wrong hand in life

I only hope now that she’s found her way

The light that she brought to my life is like no other that I’ll ever know

She still brings me comfort

Even while I beg her forgiveness

For not being there each moment that she needed me

Thank you my angel for giving me something to fight for every day

Life is what I fight for

I fight to live in her honor

For that angel of mine

HPIM0499 10-17-10 Maryann's B-Day 3

I love you my Angel Maryanne

By Felina Silver Robinson

I missed you yesterday but sometimes even live gets in the way. There is a lot to do when you are preparing to be snowbound for at least 48 hours. There are a lot of provisions that you need and people you need to check on. I was happy to still fit in my morning workout including another 5,582 steps on the WiiFit followed by Yoga. All anyone could and would talk about is snow, snow and more snow. The oldest twin is still upset that her midterm schedule has been upset and that the start of the new quarter will begin two days later.

Yesterday, I kept saying that I didn’t believe that we would get what the by the predicted amount of snow due to the feel in the air. The temperature feels slightly warmer than what it has been in the past when we have had higher amounts of snow. At about 6:30am the snow accumulation looked like this IMG_1322[1]

A couple of more hours passed and it was somewhat worse. IMG_1325[1] Thankfully, it’s nice and soft with the exception for the icy snow the snow plow tosses back at you. It’s been somewhat annoying to have to shovel the fire hydrant in front of our house 6 times already. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’m just grateful that the town is actually good about plowing our street. I know some streets in Medford often unattended to for hours even more than 24 hours, which I don’t like knowing that My mother-in-law, and sister-in-law live there and two out of the three are diabetics. This is not good in an emergency! Every street matters.

Please keep in mind that the snow ban is still in effect for most, while having been lifted for some. For those of you driving, please drive safely!

In the midst of all the snow, I learned about the death of a wonderful, warmhearted, skilled man known as Sidewalk Sam Bob Guillemin, also known as “Sidewalk Sam,” created chalk and paint artwork in the streets. It’s devastating when anyone dies, but hurts slightly more when it is someone with such talent and with such kindness of heart wanting only to make others happy. I’m hopeful that he along with all those loving friends and family members that he now leaves behind can find peace and comfort as he journeys on in his new home in the heavens.

Onward with the day, stay safe, be helpful, and stay smart!

All is well in just another day in the life of ME!


Destructive winds, 2 feet or more of snow forecast

Follow this link for the most updated list of cancellations due to the storm.


Find Out When You Can See Tom Cruise’s Next Film!

Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows:

“Ascension”, in Christian belief, the scent of JESUS CHRIST into heaven on the 40th day after his RESURRECTION. In the first chapter of THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES, after appearing to the Apostles on various occasions during a period of 40 days, Jesus was taken up in their presence and was then hidden form them by a cloud, a frequent biblical image signifying the presence of God. Although the Ascension is alluded to in other books of the NEW TESTAMENT, the emphasis and the imagery differ. In The Gospel According to John, the glorification described by the Ascension story seems to have taken place immediately after the Resurrection.

The meaning of the Ascension for Christians is derived from their belief in the glorification and exaltation of Jesus following his death and Resurrection. The Ascension indicates a new relationship between Jesus and his Father and between him and his followers, rather than a simple physical relocation from earth to heaven. The Ascension of Jesus is mentioned both in the Apostles’ Creed, a Western profession of faith used for BAPTISM in the early church, and in the NICENE CREED. The feast of the Ascension ranks with CHRISTMAS, EASTER, and PENTECOST in the universality of the observance among Christians. The feast has been celebrated 40 days after Easter in both Eastern and Western CHRISTIANITY since the 4th century.

A distinctive feature of the feast’s liturgy in the Western churches is the extinguishing of the Paschal candle after the Gospel has been read, as a symbol of Christ’s leaving the earth. Despite the suggestion of separation indicated in this act, the whole liturgy of Ascensiontide, through the 10 days to Pentecost, is marked by joy in the final triumph of the risen Lord. One of the central themes of the feast is the kingship of Christ, and the implication that the Ascension was the final redemptive act conferring participation in the divine life on all who are members of Christ.

In the Middle Ages various ritual practices that came to be associated with the feast included a PROCESSION, in imitation of Christ’s journey with his Apostles to the Mount of Olives, as well as the raising of a crucifix or a statue of the risen Christ through an opening in the church roof.

The view of the Ascension presented by Christian art has varied. In a 5th-century painting, Christ is seen climbing a hill and grasping the hand of God, that is, God is pulling Christ into heaven. A version of the Ascension developed in Syria in the 6th century emphasizes Christ’s divinity, showing him frontally, standing immobile in a mandorla, or almond-shaped aureole, elevated above the earth and supported by ANGELS. He holds a scroll and makes a gesture of BENEDICTION. This type of Ascension, which follows the Roman tradition of representing the APOTHEOSIS of an emperor, often figured prominently in the monumental decoration of Byzantine churches. By the 11th century, the West had also adopted a frontal representation. In the Western version, however, the humanity of Christ is emphasized: he extends his hands on either side, showing his wounds. He is usually in a mandorla but is not always supported or even surrounded by angels; thus, he ascends to heaven by his own power. The Ascension remained important as a devotional subject in the art of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, both of which retained the ICONOGRAPHY of Christ displaying his wounds.

Ascension of Jesus

(Comeback on 1/28/15 and continue to learn about religion. Tomorrow you’ll read and learn more about “Asceticism”.

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