1. Passenger


Alex Clare

2. Lorde


Lana Del Rey

3. Capital Cities


The Lumineers

4. Anna Kendrick


Ellie Goulding

5. Neon Trees


Gym Class Heroes


1. Kellie Pickler


Laura Bell Bundy

2. Gloriana


Zac Brown Band

3. Joey+Rory


Love and Theft

4. Kristin Chenoweth


Sara Evans

5. Edens Edge


Thompson Square

Bill Cosby Gets Another Standing Ovation at a Comedy Show Amid Sexual Assault Allegations Scandal

Bill Cosby

My Poem of the Day


Turkeys at bhs-2

Picture by Felina Silver Robinson “Turkey’s on the Prowl©”

When Turkey’s Attack (in Brookline)©

Here they come walking down your street

They’re not too happy so it’s not a good time to meet

Don’t get in their space or they may peck you in your face

They’re on a mission

To end their malnutrition

They must quickly find something ultra delicious

They’re going door-to-door to see what they’ve missed

They’re eyeing your gardens

They’re eyeing your trash cans

But if they don’t find anything worth eating

Listen for your doorbell

Because they might come a ringing

Just remember

Manners are missing from these Turkey’s

So don’t be expecting anything good from their visit

Be ready to call your local animal control

Because once you open your door

The only way they’re going is once they’ve been tranquilized

Be ready to hose down your house

Because boy do they leave a horrendous smell

This is what you’ll get when those darn turkey’s attack

This is what we get for taking all their land

And adding more buildings instead

They’re missing all their reservations

Where they were able to walk about

Without hesitation

And food was plentiful

And with no need

for menacing local neighborhoods

There’s still time to fix this

Before these Turkey’s do some fixing of their own

Copyright 2014

When Turkey’s Attack (in Brookline)©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Trader Joe’s: 11 worst buys and their smarter alternatives

Felina’s Opinion: I would always prefer to pay a slightly higher price for particular items from Trader Joe’s that I know I would actually enjoy than pay less elsewhere and up not liking it, which in fact has actually occurred. I love certain other items that Whole Foods has to offer and certainly would not trade the items over for others at another store. Most people enjoy what they favor for reasons known only to them. Anyone is welcome to challenge their loyalty to what they like but I can almost guarantee that shoppers will always choose to like various items from various stores even if they have to pay a little more to enjoy it!  Felina Silver Robinson

A homecoming for Neil Born 15 weeks early, Beverly baby nearly died. But after 6 months in the hospital, he’s home at last.

Worst foods for people with diabetes

“Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean you should be eating it. You’ll do more harm than good.” Felina Silver Robinson