Cop in New Orleans found shot to death in cruiser

A HANO police cruiser in New Orleans. ANTWAN HARRIS/WWL-TV

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Side Note from Felina Silver Robinson: I often wish that I could have rubbed shoulders with the likes of some of our late and great intellects such as Leo Tolstoy. This man truly had a way with words. His innate ability to bring life to every part of his stories with such simplicity leaves writers such as myself in awe of him. War and Peace is an outstanding story written from within the mind of the great Tolstoy. You won’t want to miss it if you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading it already.

Felina’s Vegetarian Navy Bean Soup©

I use to eat this all the time, before I became a mother and was afraid my children wouldn’t like it.

I just fed it to my second generation of teen-age daughters and they loved it.



Navy Bean Soup Ingredients

(2) Cups of Dried Navy Beans (thoroughly rinsed)

(1) cup of Vegetable broth

(6) cups of Water

(2) tbsp Olive Oil

(3) Celery Ribs (chopped with leaves)

(1) cup of Chopped Carrots

(1) Large Sized Onion of Your Choosing (finely chopped)

(1/4) Red Chili Pepper

(1/2) tsp Adobos (Goya)

(1/2) Everything Seasoning (Trader Joe’s)

(1/2) tsp Salt (or to taste)

(1/2) tsp Pepper (or to taste)

Navy Bean Soup Cooking



In a medium-sized pot,

Add the olive oil and onions.

Cook until the onions are soft, stirring several times.

Combine the remaining ingredients except for the salt and pepper.

Let the ingredients come to a boil.

Turn down the heat and let simmer covered for 8 hours.

Stir occasionally.

You may need to add a little more water.

Let stand for 30 minutes.

Serve and enjoy!

Navy Bean Soup - Completed


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