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Sunday’s service will be open to the public while Monday’s will include a private funeral.

Services for Mayor Thomas Menino Will be Held Sunday, Monday

Will You Be My Queen?© by Felina Silver Robinson

I fear that I will not see tomorrow
I know they are coming for me and I’m powerless to stop them
My aging vessel is on the decline
I’m clearly running out of time
I’ve been told to stay out of the light
For my skin surely cannot bear it
But I yearn daily for the view of human life and activity
That has not been a part of my daily life for centuries
I may not breathe the air as you do
The land I live on is not that of the living
I stop here just to steal glances of what I’ve never been
And what I yearn to be
If you’ll share your blood with me I’ll gladly take it
It will buy me a little more time
But it won’t last for long
So if there is anything you have to say
Just say it
If you care to join me
Say the word and I’ll gladly make you my queen
And we can walk the land of the undead together
All it takes is a little nibble here and a little nibble there
Then I’ll forever adore you

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Til We Meet Again© by Felina Silver Robinson

Late one night not knowing the score
I opened the door trying to find you
Little did I know that something beastly beat me to it
His trail left clearly for all to see
There’s no word yet on where you might be
If only I had listened and stayed home instead of fishing
Maybe I could have saved you
But now I fear that the grim has come to take you
And now you’ll have to wait until he comes to find me
Til then just wait for me patiently for we’re sure to meet again

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Where have you gone© by Felina Silver Robinson

Bloody footprints on the floor
In a trail out the front door
Broken glass scattered about
The TV blaring meant to block out your screams
No one know where you’ve gone
Still alive or are you dead
How much time till we know
I grow impatient sitting here waiting
Then I hear footsteps at my back
I feel the hair stand atop my neck
I turn slowly and to my surprise
You stand there grinning asking if I liked your surprise
I don’t know if I should be glad or mad
My heart itself is still shaking

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Note to my new readers: About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind. This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows:

”Animal Worship”, veneration of an animal, usually because of its connection with a particular deity. The term was used by Western religionists in a pejorative manner and by ancient Greek and Roman polemicists against theriomorphic religions-those religions whose gods are represented in animal form. Most examples given for animal worship in early religions, however, are not instances of worship of an animal itself. Instead, the sacred power of a deity was believed to be manifested in an appropriate animal regarded as an EPIPHANY or incarnation of the deity.

The universal practice among hunting peoples of respect for and ceremonial behavior toward animals stems from the religious customs attendant on the conducting of the hunt and not from worship of the animal itself. Another phenomenon that has been confused with animal worship is TOTEMISM, in which animal or plant categories fulfill a social classificatory system.

In contemporary scholarship, the term animal worship seldom occurs, because it has been rejected as a misleading interpretive category. Indeed, apparent evidence for the practice is often misleading. Religious ICONOGRAPHY and ALLEGORY has sometimes used animal symbolism to draw on popular associations of certain qualities with certain animal species (e.g., the association of wisdom with the owl lay behind ancient Greek depictions of ATHENA, the goddess of wisdom, with the owl).

(Comeback on 10/31/14 and continue to learn about religion. Tomorrow you’ll read and learn more about “Animism”.

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Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Winter’s Tale


ACT V. SCENE III—The same. A Room in PAULINA’s 





Leon. O grave and good Paulina, the great


That I have had of thee!

Paul.                            What, sovereign sir,

I did not well, I meant well. All my services

You have paid home: but that you have vouch-

saf’d,                                                [tracted

With your crown’d brother, and these your con-

Heirs of your kingdoms, my poor house to visit,

It is a surplus of your grace which never

My life may last to answer.

Leon.                               O Paulina,

We honour you with trouble:—but we came

To see the statue of our queen: your gallery

Have we pass’d through, not without much


In many singularities; but we saw not

That which my daughter came to look upon,

The statue of her mother.

Paul.                             As she liv’d peerless,

So her dead likeness, I do well believe,

Excels whatever yet you look’d upon,

Or hand of man hath done; therefore I keep it

Lonely, apart. But here it is: prepare

To see the life as lively mock’d as ever [well.

Still sleep mock’d death: behold; and say ’tis

[PAULINA undraws a curtain, and discovers

HERMIONE standing as a statue.

I like your silence,—it the more shows off

Your wonder: but yet speak;—first, you, my


Comes it not something near?

Leon.                          Her natural posture!—

Chide me, dear stone, that I may say indeed,

Thou art Hermione; or rather, thou art she,

In thy not chiding; for she was as tender

As infancy and grace.—But yet, Paulina,

Hermione was not so much wrinkled; nothing

So aged, as this seems.

Pol.                             O, not by much.

Paul. So much the more our carver’s excel-

lence;                                                 [her

Which lets go by some sixteen years, and makes

As she liv’d now.

Leon.                 As now she might have done,

So much to my good comfort, as it is

Now piercing to my soul. O, thus she stood,

Even with such life of majesty,—warm life,

As not it coldly stands,—when first I woo’d her!

I am asham’d: does not the stone rebuke me

For being more stone than it?—O royal piece,

There’s magic in thy majesty; which has

My evils conjur’d to remembrance; and

From thy admiring daughter took the spirits,

Standing like stone with thee!

(On 10/31/14 – Join me for the continuation of “The Winter’s Tale”,

ACT V. SCENE III—The same. A Room in PAULINA’s