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`A’ishain full `A’isha bint Abi Bakr, byname Umm al-Mu’minin (Mother of the Faithful”) (b. 614, Meca Arabia [now in Saudi Arabia]-d. July 678, Medina), the third and most favored wife of the Prophet MUHAMMAD.

All Muhammad’s marriages had political motivations, and in this case the intention seems to have been to cement ties with `A’isha’s father, Abu Bakr, who was once of Muhammad’s most important supporters. `A’isha’s personal charm secured her a place in his affections that was not lessened by his subsequent marriages. It is said that in 627 she accompanied the Prophet on an expedition but became separated from the group. When she was later escorted back to MEDINA by a man who had found her in the desert, Muhammad’s enemies claimed that she had been unfaithful. Muhammad, who trusted her, ha a revelation asserting her innocence and publicly humiliated her accusers.

When Muhammad died in 632, `A’isha remained politically inactive until the time of ‘Uthman (644-656; the third CALIPH), during whose reign she played an important role in fomenting opposition that led to his murder in 656. She led an army against his successor, “Ali, but was defeated in the Battle of the Camel. (The engagement derived its name from the fierce fighting that centered around the camel upon which `A’isha was mounted.) She was captured by her opponents but was allowed to live quietly in Medina. She is credited with having transmitted up to 1,210 HADITH and having possession of an early code of the Qur’an.

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