1. Life Is Worth Living: Walking to Prevent Suicide During Native Heritage Month

Rayna Madero/Facebook
Rayna Madero is challenging everyone to walk one mile a day for suicide prevention throughout the entire month of November.

2. Mr. McConaughey, You’re All Wrong, All Wrong, All Wrong About the Redskins

AP Photo/ Evan Vucci
Actor Matthew McConaughey, right, stands with Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder during NFL football practice at Redskins Park, on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, in Ashburn, Va. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

3. EPA Grants to Drought-Stricken Southwest Tribes Total $43 Million

Rich Pedroncelli/AP
The dried-out bed of Lake Mendocino, California, in February 2014. The state is gripped in its worst drought in recorded history.

4. Skwachàys Lodge Combines Native Culture and Social Good

Hans Tammemagi
Skwachàys Lodge is an Aboriginal-art hotel and represents a unique milestone for indigenous people. It is located in Vancouver, Canada.

5. Two Weeks to Go and Races Come Down to Turnout in SD, Alaska and Wisc.

6. There’s a War Going On! Janet Rogers Writes Dispatches From the Front Lines

‘The white and purple image on the cover reflects the Iroquoian use of wampum, day and night, peace and war, life and death, and Janet carries the wampum and the message.’

7. Don’t Panic About Ebola, IHS Says: Get Your Flu Shot

U.S. Centers for Disease Control
Portion of CDC flier urging American Indians to get vaccinated from the flu, a much bigger danger than the Ebola virus.

8. Evidentiary Hearing Scheduled November 10 in Fairbanks Four Case

Courtesy April Monroe Frick/Free the Fairbanks Four

9. NIGA-Blue Stone Create First Guide to Tribal Economic Development

Blue Stone Strategy Group Chairman Jamie Fullmer at the United Tribal Leaders Summit, North Dakota, September 2014
10. Why the US Should Put Native Tribal Sovereignty in a New Constitution

Taken from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Winter’s Tale


ACT V. SCENE I—SICILIA. A Room in the Palace of



and others.

Cleo. Sir, you have done enough, and have perform’d

A saint-like sorrow: no fault could you make,

Which you have not redeem’d; indeed, paid


More penitence than done trespass: at the last,

Do as the heavens have done, forget your evil;

With them, forgive yourself.

Leon.                                Whilst I remember

Her and her virtues, I cannot forget

My blemishes in them; and so still think of

The wrong I did myself: which was so much

That heirless it hath made my kingdom, and

Destroy’d the sweet’st companion that e’er man

Bred his hopes out of.

Paul.                        True, to true, my lord;

If, one by one, you wedded all the world,

Or from the all that are the something good,

To make a perfect woman, she you kill’d

Would be unparallel’d.

Leon.                        I think so.—Kill’d!

She I kill’d! I did so: buy thou strik’st me

Sorely, to say I did: it is a bitter           [now,

Upon thy tongue as in my thought: now, good

Say so but seldom.

Cleo.                     Not at all, good lady;

You might have spoken a thousand things that


Have done the time more benefit, and grac’d

Your kindness better.

Paul.                        You are one of those

Would have him wed again.

Dion.                             If you would not so,

You pit not the state nor the remembrance

Of his most sovereign nae; consider little

What dangers, by his highness’ fail of issue,

May drop upon his kingdom, and devour

Incertain lookers-on. What were  more holy

Than to rejoice the former queen is well?

What holier than,—for royalty’s repair,

For present comfort, and for future good,—

To bless the bed of majesty again

With a sweet fellow to it?

Paul.                           There is none worthy,

Respecting her that’s gone. Besides, the gods

Will have fulfill’d their secret purposes:

For has not the divine Apollo said,

Is’t not the tenor of his oracle,

That king Leontes shall not have an heir

Till his lost child be found? which that it thall,

Is all as monstrous to our human reason

As my Antigonus to break his grave,

And come again to me; who, on my life,

Did perish with the infant. ‘Tis your counsel

My lord should to the heavens be contrary,

Oppose against their wills.—Care not for issue;


The crown will find an heir: great Alexander

Left his to the worthiest; so his successor

Was like to be the best.

Leon.                           Good Paulina,—

Who hast the memory of Hermione,

I know, in honour,—O, that ever I            [now,

Had squar’d me to thy counsel!—then, even

I might have look’d upon my queen’s full eyes;

Have taken treasure from her lips,—

Paul.                                      And left them

More rich for what they yielded.

Leon.                           Thou speak’st truth.

No more such wives; therefore, no wife: one


And better us’d, would make her sainted spirit

Again possess her corpse; and, on this stage,—

Where we offend her now,—appear, soul-vexed,

And begin, Why to me?

(On 10/24/14 – Join me for the continuation of “The Winter’s Tale”,

ACT V. SCENE I—SICILIA. A Room in the Palace of


Unidentified doctor returned from West Africa about 10 days ago

Bellevue Hospital New York

Bramlett played for Patriots in 1969

Fangled (adj.)

Fangled means drifting, meandering, wandering. It was sited in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra (AC I.iv.45 [Caesar said to Lepidus about the people] This common body, / Like to a vagabond flag upon the stream.)

Posthumus and Imogen by John Faed

Number, severity of injuries unreleased

Former mayor wants to spend time with family