1. Olympian Billy Mills Launches Dreamstarter Grant Program, 50 Grants in Five Years

Courtesy N7 Sports Summit
Billy Mills

2. Native Alaska Takes a Seat at the Table—and Plans to Stay There

Stephanie Woodard
Native Alaska’s 2014 voting-rights battle was fought in courtrooms and boardrooms, and in cities and villages. Mike Toyukak, of Manokotak village, was lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit that secured language assistance for Native voters who wish it. He and his wife, Anecia, are seen here on November 3, as they were about to board a plane for a nearby town where she would translate the ballot for Yup’ik speakers on Election Day.

3. Canada’s First Nation Takes Proactive Approach Against Radon

Courtesy Marcel Brascoupe
The radon mitigation group at Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg community has made it a point to battle the invisible killer.

4. Court Ruling Hamstrings EPA Attempts to Block Pebble Mine With Clean Air Act

Associated Press
The Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska, home to the biggest salmon run on Earth, is being threatened by a mining proposal.

5. Photo: Easter Island Statues, Natives Visited Pre-Columbus?

6. Celebrating Heritage Month on the USS George Washington

USS George Washington Heritage Month
.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Chris Cavagnaro/Released
Capt. Greg Fenton, commanding officer of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73), center, performs a cake-cutting ceremony with members of the crew during an American Indian Heritage Month celebration on the ship’s mess decks.

7. EPA Climate Justice Blog: Sampling the Garden Soil

8. 11 Essential Native American Films You Can Watch Online Right Now

Clockwise from top left: Gil Birmingham in Shouting Secrets, mysterious silhouette from This May Be the Last Time, K. Devery Jacobs in Rhymes for Young Ghouls, Tatanka Means in Tiger Eyes, Tonantzin Carmelo in The Activist, Jason Momoa in Road to Paloma, and Shay Eyre and Cara Gee in Empire of Dirt.

9. These 10 Kids Won’t Be Stereotyped by Edward S. Curtis Photos

My Poem of the Day



(Here we see three young females with elongated skulls, sitting on the laps of their parents who both have elongated skulls themselves.)

A Seat Upon My Lap©

When you crawled upon my lap last night

And snuggled nice and tight

I think you must have suffered a fright earlier that night

For some time has passed

Since you last

Sat upon my lap late a night

Now I find myself worrying about what keeps you awake when everyone else lays fast asleep

I wonder if your eyes will again be able to close without fright following behind you

I send you back to your big dark room

And offer a light to keep you company

You show your strength with and add a no

And off to sleep you go once more

Now I sit and rest my head tilting back in the chair in the corner of your darkened room

With the only light from the moonlit sky

Without a care in the world

You were down for the night

And now I know there’s no longer a need to worry

You won’t need to return

To the seat upon my lap

Until next you’re afraid of what goes bump in the night

Copyright 2014

A Seat Upon My Lap©

Felina Silver Robinson

1. Miley Cyrus

2. Vanessa Williams

3. Amy Winehouse

4. BC Jean

5. Madonna


6. Janet Jackson

7. Avril Lavigne

8 Beyonce

9. Colbie Caillat

10. Pink

1. Ouija

2. The Zodiac

3. It Waits

4. Jessabelle

5. See No Evil 2



SATC‘S Ultimate Couple

Sex and the City Couples

Police Launch Investigation

Ryan Knight

Imperator (v.) past tense form of begirt

Imperator means Emperor, absolute ruler, sovereign. Imperator was cited in Shakespeare’s King Edward III twice. (E3.II.ii.40). King Edward says to himself about the Countess: “She is as imperator over me.” Imperator is also sited in Loves Labours Lost (LLL III.i.182) Berowne alone says about cupid: Sole imperator and great general of trotting paritors.

Edward III as he was portrayed in the late 16th century.